Your Desires + My Gifts  = A Magical Transformation

I love working with people like you and me – freedom seekers, those who are sick and tired of not feeling completely satisfied in life, those who are ready to start living more courageously and happily and do it in a fun and actionable way.

You wanna conquer the “stuff” that creeps up in our lives more often than not – the baggage that won’t go away, other people’s expectations of your life, and the old and tired rules that demand you to live, look, and work in a certain way.

So what’s your desire?

You desire more clarity, confidence, and creativity in your life. You are an action taker who wants to live your life and create better work on your own terms.

Look, I get it. Sometimes, it gets overwhelming, seemingly complicated, and just plain darn challenging. You have a yearning, ‘er a real hankering, to be, do, and have better in your life and/or business, right? Yeah, I know you do!

Only YOU know what your best life looks like. Don’t let anybody tell you different. What you want is someone who can help you discern systematic, creative and fun ways to get you to the next step.

That’s where I come in.

I know what you’re feeling though for realz. Because I’ve been there, done that. I’m not perfect (actually I’m a recovering perfectionist) – surprise, surprise! But I have been lucky enough to be distinctively different and be able to experience less stuff and enjoy more of me and show others how to do the same.

You + Me = Dynamic Duo

I know how you’re feeling. You wake up one day and realize:

>> Time has flown by and you haven’t even scratched the surface of your goals list <<

>> You wake up sleeping with the enemy (mediocrity and the status quo) <<

>> Your energy, esteem and confidence has decreased <<

>> The uneasiness, dissatisfaction, and stress is on an all time high <<

>> “Stuff” (baggage, expectations, the bittersweet past) keeps creeping in <<

Well, it stops here, today. Let’s put our big, beautiful brains together and reinvent, rethink, redo the “normal” you’ve been used to.

Here are a couple of magical ways we can work together. Choose your poison flavor…or heck, go all out and choose all three! 🙂


Business coaching, web design, and personal branding

I believe good health is our greatest wealth and without it, everything else we do is a moot point. Love your body again with Body Love Sessions with me.

Get the party, er I mean your business, started or restarted. I help gutsy entrepreneurs and rebel side hustlers build meaningful and profitable bizzes with MOXIE!



You are so awesome and multi-faceted, but what I especially love about you is your ability to help others SEE their own power and potential and bring their ideas to life. ~Krithika Rangarajan, Writer


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