Words are worth a thousand pictures 

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what are words worth? Can a single word be worth a thousand pictures?

As Patrick Rothfuss says in The Name of the Wind, “As names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts.”

In a nutshell, words have the power to do some thangs to ya, yo!

A while back, one of my friends challenged me to write 100 words that describe me. Daaaaang, 100? Yes, 100.

It sounded like a lot but I took the challenge cos I’m a G like that and the writing began.

It was easy at first, especially since my thoughts ran with all the happy and fun words.

10 words. Boom!

20 words. Bam!

Okay, I got this. This is easy! 

40 words. Blad-ow!

50 words. Uh oh, starting to slow down…

55 words. Pregnant pause

56th word popped into my head. I assume naturally so since #55 was Good Girl. I know I can also be a Bad Girl. 😉

Then the “other” words started flowing. You know, those words I don’t say aloud to myself or others…those words I don’t even want to attribute to myself.

But here’s what happened.

With each word in the list, I saw a picture, memory, situation, time when I behaved that way. 

And I guess it’s hard to call yourself something you wish you weren’t, but hey, I wanted to be real with this exercise. I didn’t even know what would come of it or if my friend was going to publish my words anywhere and still, I sought to be completely honest with myself and let my mind and hand do the typing, daring to describe me in ways I’ve never even said aloud let alone admitted to myself!

Then, after seeing the list, my friend said, “Mean, bad girl, selfish, lazy, pensive…never would I have imagined in a million years.” Me and you both, B. Me and you both. 😀

One of my mentors, Vasavi Kumar, wrote an article entitled, “Yes, your sh&t does stink” (a must read y’all!) and it is here that she says:

Loving myself means loving all of myself. That includes parts of myself I don’t want you (or anyone) to see.

So true right?!

Looking at this list, I see a girl I know and one I don’t care to admit to know. With these words, a thousand pictures were released. A thousand references. A thousand situations I can’t take back – whether it was for better or worse.

Well, I tell you this, some of the words people view as ugly and negative, I wouldn’t get rid of if you paid me to.

For instance, I like being Selfish (this word gets a bad rap but you should try it sometimes). My middle name is Mean (to some people, mainly family members, but that’s a whole ‘notha story!). And I have fun being Dirty Minded (speaking of which, have you ever played the game Dirty Minds. So fun!). 🙂

In the end, what I’ve learned from this exercise is not to be so judgmental with myself, not to beat myself up, just yell “Plot Twist” and move on!

At the time I wrote these words (which took me about 10-15 minutes but seemed like a lifetime!), this is how I’d describe myself. It was such a revelation though that I’ve made time since then to pick out a few words and change my story. If I don’t like it, I must change it! Other than that, this is all me…

Words Worth A Thousand Pictures

My 100 words…actually 99 since I didn’t realize until writing this that I had listed one word twice. Do you see which one it is? Maybe that means I embody it doubly well! LOL

  1. Witty
  2. Warm
  3. Forgiving
  4. Original
  5. Generous
  6. Kind
  7. Clever
  8. Brave
  9. Determined
  10. Thoughtful
  11. Spontaneous
  12. Lovable
  13. Optimistic
  14. Ambitious
  15. Caring
  16. Courageous
  17. Extraordinary
  18. Uncommon
  19. Grateful
  20. Successful
  21. Energetic
  22. Hopeful
  23. Dynamic
  24. Compassionate
  25. Happy
  26. Unique
  27. Inspiring
  28. Creative
  29. Daring
  30. Passionate
  31. Imaginative
  32. Fabulous
  33. Confident
  34. Intelligent
  35. Friendly
  36. Funny
  37. Gorgeous
  38. Independent
  39. Strong
  40. Loving
  41. Insightful
  42. Positive
  43. Considerate
  44. Gracious
  45. Beautiful
  46. Adventurous
  47. Joyful
  48. Loyal
  49. Incredible
  50. Genuine
  51. Sensuous
  52. Honest
  53. Talented
  54. Amazing
  55. Good girl
  56. Bad girl
  57. Fearful
  58. Selfish
  59. Selfless
  60. Scared
  61. Kind
  62. Mean
  63. Economical
  64. Dirty-minded
  65. Judgmental
  66. Procrastinator
  67. Lazy
  68. Humble
  69. Caregiver
  70. Pensive
  71. Speculative
  72. Conspiracy Theorist
  73. Introvert
  74. Extrovert
  75. Loud laugher
  76. Weird
  77. Musical
  78. Mediocrity Escapologist
  79. Aunt mommy
  80. Entrepreneur
  81. Wishy Washy
  82. True Pisces
  83. Cat lover
  84. Colorful
  85. Indecisive 
  86. Forward thinker
  87. Empathetic
  88. Smarty pants
  89. Journaler
  90. Traveler
  91. Crier
  92. Avid Reader
  93. Techie
  94. Erotic
  95. Stylish
  96. Rebel
  97. Maverick
  98. Whimsical
  99. Dreamer
  100. Secretive
Whew! 🙂

Over to you…

So you know what I’m going to ask you to do right? Yes, you do! I challenge you to write your 100 words. No need to share with anybody; it’s just for you. But come back and let me know what you learned from this exercise and how many words, if any, surprised you. How long did it take you? What number did you start to slow down? As you can see, I’m VERY curious!

Note: Incidentally, I invite you to check out Stephen Palmer’s blog of the same name, Words Worth A Thousand Pictures, as I love what he’s doing over there. He chooses an interesting vintage photograph, then limits himself to 20 minutes to write the “story” of the photograph. How cool is that? 🙂


Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives. Let’s rethink, redo, and reinvent YOU so you can live life YOUR way!
Words Worth A Thousand Pictures
  • Val

    I love that you put both introvert and extrovert. I so can relate to this. Yes, this was a raw exercise, but I love it and glad you shared yours. xoxo Kesha..

    • Hey boo, yep! When I think about it, I can be both depending on how I feel and the situations I’m in. Sometimes when people ask me which I identify with more, it’s neither AND it’s both. Boom! LOL

  • I would definitely use a lot of these words…and you used kind twice which I agree is a great thing to have double of :).

    I wonder how many words I can come up with for me. 100 seems like a lot.

    Happy Wednesday Chica!

    • Happy Humpday Corina! Yes girl, it is a lot but I think once you get started and really think about what your personality/character is, you’ll be rockin’ and rollin’ and may end up with OVER 100 words! 🙂 #RockOn

      Oh and I guess I can spread some of my kindness around since I have so much LOL

  • Yes ma’am! That exercise was a little rough once I hit the 50ish mark. I embrace my not-so-positive characteristics. They make me who I am. Some of them I know I need to work on and some of them are drastic changes from the person I used to be. Love the idea of making a graphic of the words!

    • Hey Michelle! Hmmm, you just gave me an idea. I am going to make a task to do this exercise again next year and see how it changes…see how I’ve transformed!

      BTW: Here’s the site I used to make the word graphic – http://www.wordle.net/

  • Not the pregnant pause. Lol!! I love the idea of the exercise and embracing ALL of you. The good, bad, and ugly! I think I’m going to try it for myself.

    • Please do, Mandi, and let me know your thoughts when you’re done. You might even surprise yourself too about what comes up!

      P.S. Gotta love the pregnant pause 😉

  • I never did finish my list but Imma revisit it. Time to go deep.

    • Yeah girl, you gotta finish it! Let me know when you do. Don’t let me come find you for it! LOL

  • It’s certainly a tough exercise, but I learned a lot about myself when I did it. Kudos on owning “selfish”!

    • Yeah girl, touch to swallow when the REAL stuff comes out! It’s all good though because if that’s what we’re made of, then so be it. If something shows up we don’t like, that’s when we can do something about it. 🙂

  • Of COURSE, you would take the exercise and turn it into so much more! That’s the point of it. I love learning about you, and I thank YOU for inspiring me. Now I’m going to go, write my list, and make a picture. <3

  • Andy Bland

    That’s a nice challenge. Will write my 100 words now.


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