Can you win the comparison game? Yes, but only if you do this...

So we’ve all heard about the comparison trap right? You’ve heard the phrase:

Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes with someone else’s highlight reel.

When we compare our situations – financially, interpersonally, professionally, etc. – with others, we are already in a disadvantage.


Because we don’t know that person’s journey, struggle, path, or obstacles they had to overcome. We only know where they are now or at least where they proclaim to be!

But the title of this post suggests we can win at the comparison game. How so?

Great question!

You CAN win by using comparison BUT ONLY if you compare yourself to whom? Yourself!

Once you understand that all comparisons with other people are false on some level, you’ll begin to understand how ridiculous it is for us to do it.

But competing with yourself brings you all the benefits – and more – that you hope to receive by competing with others.

So, yes, I do believe you can win at the ever-so-nasty game of comparison but only by using these strategies.

How to play the comparison game with yourself

  1. Establish a starting point. Every competition has a starting point. If your goal is to lose weight, weigh yourself. If you want to increase your income, determine your current income. Know where you are right now so you can set the proper goals to get where you want to be.
  2. Determine the behaviors needed to see improvement. Do you need to eat more vegetables and join a gym or cold-call 10 people each week? Make a list of the behaviors that will help. Then ruthlessly put them in order from most effective to least. Focus on the behaviors that will return the greatest rewards.
  3. Measure your compliance with those new behaviors. These measurements let you know how well you’re sticking to the path. If you’re on the right path, your status will move in a positive direction. This is where you must develop your self-discipline muscle!
  4. Enjoy your success. Losing three pounds or earning an extra $100 is reason to celebrate. It’s YOUR success that matters. You have every right to be completely ecstatic with your progress. It doesn’t matter if someone else has already reached the point you want to be.
  5. Focus on becoming the best possible version of yourself. This is also under your control and doesn’t require competing with anyone else. Who do you want to become? What will your life stand for? Make a decision and move toward that goal.
  6. Competing with yourself is filled with success. Can you do better this week than you did last week? Of course you can! You won’t always be 100% successful, but you can be successful more often than not. All those smaller successes are cumulative. You can end up in a spectacular place without ever doing anything spectacular.
  7. Constantly testing yourself builds focus. Once you stop being concerned with others and what they’re doing or how you stack up to them, you learn to keep your attention on your own actions and progress. Everything else is just a distraction.
  8. You learn about yourself. Walking the path of constant improvement is the best way to learn more about yourself. You’ll quickly understand and honor your preferences, strengths, and weaknesses.
  9. You take control over your life. You can make HUGE progress and feel good about yourself anytime you please when you stop comparing yourself to someone’s situation.
  10. You win! #NuffSaid

Over to you…

Comparison is a thug that robs your joy. But it’s even more than that; Comparison makes you a thug who beats down somebody [else] – or your soul. ~Ann Voskamp

Competing against yourself might sound easy, but it requires courage because it’s challenging and not something we’re used to doing. You’ll hit a wall and have to dig deeper to continually create new progress. But after changing some of the easy things and habits, you’ll eventually be empowered to tackle more challenging issues.

Remember: Compare, but only to yourself.


Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives. Let’s rethink, redo, and reinvent YOU so you can live life YOUR way!
Can You Win The Comparison Game? Yes, But Only If…
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  • Hey lady,

    I love this post! You are so right…we should not compare ourselves to others because we don’t know the journey they took to get to where they are.

    I’ve never thought about comparing myself to myself. I love the suggestions you shared, it makes for a great self improvement exercise.

    Thanks for sharing. Hope all is well!


    • Glad you like Corina. It’s all a matter of perspective. 🙂 Happy Self-Comparing!!!


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