Hiya, I’m Kesha!

lakesha brown uncommon chick collageI’m the Head Chick around these parts ready to help you break some rules and create that juicytastic, wondermous, happyful life you want and deserve!

But wait…before I tell you more about me. Let me tell you about you. (Yep, I’m psychic.  😉 )

Simply put, you are a fabulous, awesome, and loving being who wants more fabulousness, awesomeness, and love to manifest in your daily life.

But something happens that keeps you from getting what you want like…

  • You often feel like life is happening TO you instead of FOR you.
  • You KNOW you are meant for something more but you have no idea what it is or how to get there.
  • You are MOTIVATED to do something about this rut sooner rather than later.
  • You DESIRE a bigger life, better body, greater connections, prosperous businesses or meaningful work.
  • Your soul YEARNS for connection with like minded women who can support you.
  • You know there’s a more fabulous, more COURAGEOUS, healthier version of you just waiting to break free.
  • Like Stella, you just want your GROOVE back!

And guess what? You want all of the above on YOUR terms, not your friends’, neighbor’s, cousin’s-baby daddy’s-sister’s standards…and rightfully so. You deserve to be free from others’ expectations and live your life more joyfully and to the fullest. Sounds like you? Great, you’re in the right place!

So now back to who I am…

Well, I’m a multi-passionate mentor, speaker, perpetual optimist, aha-moment generator, rebel at heart, awesomesauce dealer, always laughing, easily bribed with Oreos (hint, hint!) & an all around cool chick.

In addition, I’m a computer engineer by education, health coach by training, web designer by self-initiative, project manager by trade, and entrepreneur by exhilaration… 😀

What I absolutely LOOOOVE to do is help women create bizzes, bodies, and lives they love!

lets make magic together

My promise to you is to help you…

  • Live your Truth despite what others expect of you
  • Become more Confident through Focused Action
  • Create a more Adventurous, Holistic life
  • Snatch Back the YOU you may have lost
  • Stir Your Soul to Do Great Things like you were born to do
  • (Re)Create a mindset to Overcome Any Obstacle despite fear
  • Go from Blah to Awesome! Why? Because you Deserve it!

WARNING: This site will require you to get out of your comfort zone and create new experiences!!

Want More? The Extended “About Me” Version

(grab your cup of Joe, fav beer, or wine – no judgment!)

the basics

Name: Well, that depends on how you know me. I am Kesha, Keeeeeeesh, Rochelle, Cookie, Choklate Drop (only my Aunt can call me this!), or if you feel like singing all 3 syllables – Lakesha.
Age: Grown up yet young at heart!
My Arrival: Born in East Boogie, a.k.a. East St. Louis, IL., I am a Passionate Pisces with all of the Piscean ways!


  • Reading, writing, arithmetic  (seriously!)
  • Traveling (no travel companion needed)
  • Scrapbooking (expensive hobby!)
  • I’m a wannabe psychologist  (love to study what motivates us humans)

animal kingdom

Pets: Okay, so my child is my cat, Precious…she’s 14 and likes spas and and relaxing by any kind of water – kind of like her mother 🙂
Her Interests: sleeping, relaxing, and being pampered – she’s so spoiled!

personal mission

No, it’s not to save the world and wish for world peace (noble though) but after much thought and soul-searching, I have defined my personal mission as:

  • live with true happiness;
  • achieve financial freedom;
  • positively influence the lives of others in some way;
  • passionately pursue my dreams;
  • have fun living life and enjoying the journey;

i believe…

  • …time + health + money = TRUE wealth…
  • …in working hard smart and playing harder smarter…
  • …there is only one success: to be able to live (spend) your life in your own way… (source: Christopher Morley)
  • to dream of the person you would like to be is to waste the person you are… (source unknown)
  • f*@% forget tradition – enjoy life the way you want it!

Note: All ideas, views, and opinions expressed on the blog are MINE (unless specifically noted otherwise). If you don’t like and/or disagree with any of the content on the site, please feel free to share your thoughts because I know we all have our opinions. However, we’re all adults so be respectful or I will do my best to respond with one of the following:

  1. Suck It (or Sucks to be You, whichever one fits)
  2. Kick Rocks
  3. Get a Life
Now, either head over and read some of the blog articles or contact me if you have any questions! 🙂
Uncommonly yours,
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