For those who need a reminder, an oxymoron is defined as a figure of speech in which contradictory terms appear in conjuntion.

Most are simply funny while others don’t seem to make any sense but we all use them or at least have seen or heard them and know exactly what they mean. 🙂
So here are a bunch of oxymoron sayings from around the web including responses from my friends on Facebook. Please feel to add your own in the comments below!

Oxymoron Sayings

(Shared by my Facebook friends)

  1. Stand Down
  2. Smart Dummy
  3. Black Republican
  4. Conventional Wisdom
  5. Creation Science
  6. Good Morning (LOL)
  7. Larger Half (seen on a poster)
  8. Government Intelligence
  9. Clean Air
  10. Cold as hell outside
  11. Walking (or living) dead
  12. Wake up dead
  13. Pretty ugly
  14. Jumbo Shrimp
  15. Cold Sweat 
  16. Virtual Reality

Found Online…

  1. Act naturally
  2. Found missing
  3. Resident alien
  4. Good grief
  5. Same difference
  6. Almost exactly
  7. Sanitary landfill
  8. Alone together
  9. Legally drunk
  10. Silent scream
  11. Business ethics
  12. Soft rock
  13. Butt Head
  14. New classic
  15. Sweet sorrow
  16. Childproof
  17. “Now, then …”
  18. Synthetic natural gas
  19. Passive aggression
  20. Taped live
  21. Clearly misunderstood
  22. Extinct Life
  23. Plastic glasses
  24. Terribly pleased
  25. Political science
  26. Definitely maybe
  27. Working vacation
  28. Exact estimate
  29. Deafening Silence 
  30. Forward Retreat
  31. Bittersweet 
  32. Civil War
  33. Freezer burn
  34. Microsoft Works >> ROTFL, oldie but goodie!!
  35. Sensitive husband 🙂 shared by @ShelleyHardman

Your turn…

What are your favorite oxymorons?

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What’s Your Favorite Oxymoron?

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  • Talking out loud

    • Yes, that’s a good one too! Thanks for sharing!


  • My favorite is one I use for myself – I’m an “amateur professional.”

    • LOL I don’t think I’ve heard that one before but it’s a good one!

  • Great list! don’t know if this counts, but I always thought the name “Biggie Smalls” was an interesting oxymoron.

    • Yes girl, that’s a huuuuuge oxymoron LOL

      Thanks for adding!

  • Bitter sweet. I don’t know why but I love that.Thanks…

  • Thanks for making me laugh 🙂 I enjoyed reading these. I specially liked the “Definitely maybe” and “Terribly pleased” – Sorry I don’t have anything to add here 🙂

    • No problem Armi; I am delighted that you took the time to comment. I truly appreciate it!! The Definitely Maybe one reminds me of the movie with the same title. Sometimes we don’t even realize these crazy phrases we use. 🙂

      Hope to see you back on the blog sometime!


  • Social Media Expert. 😉

  • James Soapy Watson

    ~ News ;-j


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