Those Three Words: Pre-Valentine’s Day Twitter Party #UncommonChat

Some people love to celebrate, plan, and go all out for Valentine’s Day.

And then there are some who hate this day because it’s a constant reminder of the lack of that “special” person in their lives or they feel obligated to do/buy things because society says so.

I suppose there are people in the middle who couldn’t care less about the day. It’s just another day, right?

Well, whatever you normally do around this time of year, I invite you to join me and my girl, Yvonne Chase, for a discussion about the ever so elusive 4 letter word – LOVE!

No, not the “happily ever after, too good to be true, bouncing off the walls” love infatuation. I’m talking about unconditional, fully engaged, purposeful REAL love.

The kind you have not just with a romantic partner but with friends, family, business associates, and your other fellow human beings.

Though the history of Valentine’s Day is muddled at best, we’re gonna take this opportunity to talk about how we can bring more love into our lives. So join Yvonne and I for a lively discussion on relationships and love and get a chance to win some prizes to boot!

Those Three Words Pre-Valentine’s Day Twitter Party

Who: You and your friends, me and my friends, everybody else you’ll invite, and Craig and ‘em…

When: Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Time:  9:00 to 10:00 p.m. EST (8pm CST/6pm PST; Check your local time via the Time Zone Converter)

Where: Twitter, of course :-)

Hashtag: #UncommonChat

How: To participate, use the party hashtag above during the hour and follow your host, @UncommonChick, and co-host, @YvonneChaseLA.

Twitter Party Tools: Feel free to use your favorite twitter tool to keep up with the discussion. Just make sure you tweet using the #UncommonChat hashtag OR you can use TweetChat, a single stream view of the hashtag for easier following of the discussion where you can also pause the chat stream because tweet chats can move pretty fast! TweetChat also inserts the hashtag for you when you tweet so you don’t have to.


Prize eligibility: US & Canada residents 18 yrs. and older are eligible to win. 

1. UNREALtm Candy (5 winners). I am with UNREAL on their mission to unjunk your favorite candies! Their story is amazing. The company has graciously provided some bags of their candies for us to try. Yummy! They have candy coated chocolates (with and without peanuts), chocolate caramel nougat bars (with and without peanuts), and peanut butter cups. So next time, instead of simply picking up the traditional versions of these candies with all the junk in them, try UNREAL. I have 5 bags of goodness to give away! 

UNREAL Unjunked Candy Line-Up - Yummy!

2. $50 Visa Gift Card

3. 1 Coaching Session with Yvonne (Valued at $250)

As a certified dating and relationship coach, Yvonne assists people in several different areas.

With Coach Yvonne:

  • Take center stage in your life and explode with confidence
  • Launch into a life of Passion, Power and Purpose
  • Throw out beliefs about Living Single and Dating that no longer serve you
  • Wipe-out Bitterness and Baggage
  • Lose the Losers
  • Say “Good-Bye” to Dating Disasters and Say “Hello” to Dating Delight

Read more about her services.


So are you joining me and Yvonne in the fun on Twitter? Let me know by adding your Twitter handle in the comments below.  

You Can Help Me Promote The Party

You can also help promote the party by tweeting the following:

Join the ‘Those Three Words’ Twitter Party 2/12 @ 9PM EST & win PRIZES! #UncommonChat


Thanks so much!!



Who am I? I’m Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios and that life is more interesting when you dare to be different! I’m also a WordPress Web Designer, a writer, an online marketer, speaker, board game player, a student of the Universe, and all around cool chick. Oh, did I mention I can be bribed with Oreos. ;-)
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