For those who like to celebrate Valentine’s Day but hate the shopping process, here’s something for you.

Tech Up for Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and before you know it, it’s here and nothing has been prepared for your beloved. Now for some, this used to mean a lot of last minute running around.  However, thanks to technology, you really don’t have to do any of that.

Instead, right from your home and right within a few hours of the clock striking twelve, you can arrange a wonderful Valentine’s Day rendezvous for your sweetheart!

With a cell phone in your hands or a computer at your finger tips, you can search and sort through ideas and gifts to make your Valentine’s Day special! Technology is your companion for searching for gifts, coming up with dinner recipes or fine dining locations and all the frenzy of planning!

Cell phone & Web: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Cupids

Wait til you see what Player Tommy is thinking at the bottom of the infographic. Hilarious!

Cell Phone and Web: Perfect Valentine Cupids
Source: MobiStealth


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Tech Up for Valentine’s Day! Infographic

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  • Didn’t realize so many breakups happen during the Valentine’s Day season… I would wait to get my gift first lol

  • My husband and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Davy, but it seems like this service would help people with all kinds of gift giving occasions.

    • Honestly, it’s another one of those overrated days/things for me. As long as you and your hubby celebrate your love daily, that’s all that matters right?! 🙂

  • It is true that with the improvement in technology, there is no need to get tensed if you need to shop for a particular occasion or make a plan on valentines for your partner. You can easily with just one click on the mobile phone or computer can book gifts, table in restaurants, and other surprise trips that are affordable if you book online.

  • Haha!! The ending was hilarious! “I can do the same with Amy & Shery” lol. Amazing infographic! I love the way you have started out this article. Never really thought about break-up statistics. I am glad I came across this task. And truly tech has helped a lot of people in planning valentine’s present including me.

  • Technology have saved lots of people on Valentine’s, including me! I loved the infographic which you have posted here. It’s really funny. 😛 Thanks for the share!


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