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Uncommon Chick U!


The heart of the Uncommon Chick Community lies in the courses, programs, and free resources offered at Uncommon Chick University (UCU). If you are looking to live your life on your own terms, look no further!

The University’s resources are designed to unlearn traditional thought that has kept you stuck and overwhelmed – loveless, lifeless, freedomless. 🙂

Don’t sit back twiddling your thumbs, letting life live you. It’s YOUR choice to design your life – on purpose – and live it to the fullest.

Oh and come back often because new programs are always being added!

Principle behind UCU:

Successful people are successful, in any area in life, because they figure out how to do things others won’t or don’t do. UCU offers resources to direct you down your own “uncommon” path to a life on your own terms!

Challenge: break all of the rules and make your own as you go. #EscapeNormal



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