How many gift exchange parties have you been to this season already? Too many? I’ve been to several and I’m all gift exchanged out!

So now I introduce to you a Virtual Gift Exchange…what better way to go green this holiday than with virtual gift giving?!

No more buying $5, $10 or $20 gifts (or expensive gifts for you high rollers), no mailings, and none of that other stuff I hate about holiday shopping!

So when I learned of the virtual gift exchange, I signed up immediately (through Collective Bias of which I’m a member)

What’s a virtual gift exchange?

It’s very simple really. Instead of giving “stuff” to each other, we give our time, online space and readers to one another.

The participants’ gifters are chosen randomly so we don’t know who will be writing about us until today – the day of the exchange. So here we go!

Happy Holidays Amber Trievel AKA Thrifty Mom!

Amber Trievel - virtual gift exchangeAmber, my virtual gift to you – my readers.  My lovely readers, my gift to you today is Amber…

I have yet to meet Amber and getting to know her virtually was quite fun. It was almost like a scavenger hunt and I love me some scavenger hunts!

The Basics…

Amber’s 26, the creator of Thrifty Mom’s Reviews and More, a stay at home mom of 2 boys from Richmond, Virginia, loves dogs, and it’s way cool that she got married on Friday the 13th (6/13/08)!

Living Life…

One thing Amber’s family does that I so love is that they strive to have fun and live life to the fullest. This is something we def have in common!

How Thrifty Mom does it…

Amber’s blog is all about fun reviews from “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” Download the Weird book (and I’m a huge fan of Ripley’s) to Daddy Scrubs Daddy Pack. She has reviews and giveaways for the whole family to enjoy – men, women, and the kids.

And not only does Amber do reviews, but she also has recipes. There’s one of a delicious-looking, cheesy buffalo dip recipe. First of all, anything with cheese on it, I’m good with. Secondly, it’s very easy for someone like me to do and I’m not a fan of being in the kitchen too long!

Corset Chicks…

After learning more about this SexC Momma, I was not surprised to see that we shared something else in common – we’re both Corset Chicks, though at least she’s had the chance to wear one! Me, not so much – yet 😉

I have seriously ALWAYS wanted to try out a corset! I absolutely love the way women in movies look in one,” says Amber. Check out her review of Corset Chick’s pretty red corset dress.

Amber, I want one too! 🙂

A big kid…

Amber posted on Facebook, “Only 5 days til Christmas!! I feel like a big kid waiting for santa LOL.” I love other big kids. I’m sure Amber and I would have fun if we were in the same circles!

Oh and speaking of the holidays, Amber created a holiday gift guide for those who are still looking for gifts. Yes, this is for all you late buggers out there. 🙂

Now, if that wasn’t enough for you and you want to know more about Amber, you can find her on TwitterFacebook, or check out her site at

See below to learn about some of the other amazing bloggers participating in this virtual gift exchange:


Over to you…

I hope you enjoyed reading about my new friend, Amber, as much as I enjoyed discovering who she is. I look forward to connecting with her more myself!

Have you ever participated in a virtual gift exchange? 

Wassuper, it's yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what's "normal!" I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.
Uncommon Holiday Fun: Virtual Gift Exchange

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  • Thanks for the great write up =] Boy i really do need to get back into that other blog! I started it with great intentions, but I then I decided I needed to get better at my first one before taking on two. Maybe that should be my New Years Resolution!

    • I for one definitely think you definitely should because that type of content is very much needed! 🙂

      Happy to now be connected with you Amber and have a wonderful, fabulous, merry Christmas!

    • You should Amber! I am most definitely interested in reading more of One SexC Momma! 🙂

      • And now we have 2 votes for SexC Momma LOL It’s a done deal now Amber!

        *waving at Mallery* 🙂

  • First the jar idea and now this! Dang Kesha, you are rockin this month girl. Not that you don’t always rock but you’ve given me some awesome ideas. I love this.

    Amber sounds like a really cool girl. Not that I have to worry about being a Mom or sexy for that matter. Those days are so behind me I can’t even remember them. Okay, the mom part never happened and the sexy part! I have no love life but I do remember everything that goes to leading up to having some fun.

    Thanks for the introduction and again, great idea.


    • Comments like this make me keep doing what I’m doing!

      “I do remember everything that goes to leading up to having some fun.” << Adrienne, you always keep me laughing and smiling. *hugs*

  • What a great post! I’m having so much fun finding new blogs to read!!

    • Me too Karen and I have yet to check out all the other ones yet! I saw some news ones pop up after mine.

      So glad you stopped through. I’ll be by your house as well soon. 🙂

  • Stacey

    Hi Kesha!
    Such a cool blog! Good for Amber! From the title to the content, it was a great experiencing reading it. Kudos! Thanks!

  • Kelly

    I agree! Go back in there, Amber! I will be waiting for your blogs just like the rest. Good job, Kesha! It was a nice time reading your post! 🙂 Thanks!

  • Interesting concept. My friend and I do a different version of ‘virtual gift giving’ we buy each other apps on the iPad. Your idea seems to be a lot more personal and well thought of, we should try it next year.

  • This is a great virtual gift! Its great to get to know new writers. Thank you for sharing Amber with us! I’m off to go check out her blog now!

  • Well, I love your idea – what a gift to all of us. Honestly, I never thought about this. I have never participated in Virtual gift exchange, but now I would love to do it. I am signing in right away to Collective Bias. Thanks for such creative and innovative idea to send gifts. Thanks for all the information!


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