I’ve talked about being unbreakable in the sense of your overall being but today I’d like you to discover how to take some of that resolve and specifically hone it for your physical self. Our minds are a very powerful tool and if used properly, we can get some really great results!!

I have definitely learned something with this one. Thanks Jon!

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As a leading personal trainer in Guernsey, the most common excuses I hear on a regular basis are to do with why the latest attempt to get a body that actually resembles a healthy and fit human being, has been derailed! Most of the time, it is not because of a lack of knowledge on exercise and nutrition or a lack of time, but the lack of the unbreakable mindset. Here’s how you can build it!

Peeling the onion

peeling onions and cryingPeeling the onion essentially involves taking time out to uncover why you are really choosing to go for your fitness goals at this moment in time. Do not think for one minute you know the answer to this! “I need to lose this bit off here because it’s embarrassing” is NOT the answer. You may have a fair idea why you have chosen to get a personal trainer or join a new gym class right now, but the truth is, recent events are likely to have just been the finger that finally pulled the trigger on a loaded gun.

On numerous occasions I have had people get very upset during consultations when I began to dig deeper into their emotions for finally deciding they had to get their life in order by first getting healthy. This is not intentional but an often unavoidable, and strangely productive side-effect of delving into the past and present to discover what effect being fat and unhealthy is having. Sometimes it might be that a friend, relative or colleague used to make hurtful jokes about your size that you thought you had brushed off but that had in fact remained at the back of your brain, niggling for X amount of months or even years.

Once you can get the emotions out and begin to understand yourself better, setting goals and sticking to them becomes so much easier as you have a much stronger source of inspiration on a daily basis. This stops you scrabbling around in the dark trying to make sense of why you’re never quite motivated to say no to bad food and go exercise when you’re not really in the mood! Once you’re clearer on exactly why you have found yourself hunting for diets and a personal trainer, and you are willing to pay the prices required to achieve your goals (financial, sacrifice of social time, hard work in the gym etc), it’s time to start programming yourself for the future!

Unfortunately most people live their lives reliving failure

dont be afraid to fail be afraid to not try
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If you’re one of these people you will find that unintentionally, you are constantly reminding yourself about how this went wrong and how that was a mistake and how you shouldn’t have done that because it resulted in negative consequences. All this serves to do is to program your mind to believe that, yes, you are in fact a failure. In built in every human is what has been referred to as the ‘Creative Mechansim’ which is the part of our brain which causes us to act in certain ways according to what we believe we are supposed to do. Think about something that worries you.

Every time we have something coming up that we believe has a good chance of going wrong like a presentation, a date with a new girl, a big tennis match etc, it is common to experience feelings of nervousness and anxiety. But what are we basing these feelings and expectations on?


Use imagery to obtain an unbreakable fitness mindset
Image Source: zoe-harrington.blogspot.com

The future doesn’t exist yet, so these powerful emotions which can cause the sweats, shaking and heart palpitations emerge from little other than images we conjure up of stuttering on stage, saying something embarrassing to our date or serving up loads of double faults. The problem is that your subconscious brain doesn’t know the difference between ‘real’ images that are actually happening, and images you have conjured up simply through irrational, negative thought! As we all know, this repetition and replaying of images of messing up often lead to the very actions we were scared of in the first place!

We get nervous, lose concentration and begin to stutter, babble about boring stuff or fail to focus on the placement of the tennis ball that we can do with our eyes shut during practice. The point is that many people perform ‘successful’ mental programming through imagery with negative thoughts every single day! Start using the creative mechanism with positive thoughts which program our brains to believe we are ALREADY a size 8, a champion tennis player, a strapping muscley bloke or whatever else gets you to work hard for your goals!

This requires using imagery on a daily basis until the brain accepts that it is already happening. You will start to see almost immediate changes in how you act. You will find yourself doing what is required automatically – essentially like any elite athlete who doesn’t have to consciously think about every little action they take but instead make it look effortless! You won’t be tempted by crap food because your brain will be making you act like a Size 8, sexy woman (obviously not if you’re a guy…)!

You’ll do that extra painful repetition without thinking because your brain is convinced you are a ripped bloke with abs you could grate your organic carrots on. You will have turned your negative creative mechanism into a powerful goal getting tool. This MUST be done daily through use of videos of people doing what you want to do and photos of people who have already achieved the fat loss results you have even though they too were very overweight before. Also, write down each day what a Size 8 would do such as drinking lots of bottled water, only eating carbohydrates after exercise, saying no to the 8th office bun run that week etc. This is a written contract with yourself that you are not allowed to break!

How to obtain an unbreakable fitness mindset

There are three key factors that are essential to make this work. The messages must come from an authoritative source, must be intense, and must be repeated regularly.

  1. An authoritative source may involved hiring the services of a top quality health and fitness professional. If this person has the experience and results with others to give you 100% confidence that you too can do the same, then they become that authoritative source who will dish out the messages which your brain will come to accept as the truth. Random attempts at positive thought are fruitless when they don’t match up with your self-image as there’s too much conflicting information so you need someone who can engender complete belief that you ARE the goal you want.
  2. Intensity is achieved through taking time out to forget the daily hustle and bustle and stresses and build pictures in your brain which are so detailed you can almost touch them. See every last detail of being a Size 8 – the dress you’ll wear, when you’ll wear it, the comments people will make about how great you look, the venue, how you’ll feel pulling on the dress and looking in the mirror, the confidence it will give you to talk to that guy you’ve fancied for 2 years etc. Leave no stone unturned or your brain might slip back into believing you are meant to be a Size 16 like you are now!
  3. Finally repetition can be achieved by doing this on a daily basis from every angle possible. Talk to yourself on the way to work. Read books about people who have already achieved your goal. Eat properly EVERY DAY not just every other day as a token gesture. Don’t watch TV programs which make it seem okay to be a ‘larger woman’. Everything in your environment has the potential to program your brain and the more you are exposed to the stimulus the more powerful it becomes. This is why companies like McDonald’s have adverts in every form of media. Unless you have programmed yourself otherwise, you’ll eventually crack and act in whatever way their marketing has instructed you to!

Constant effort and application are required to make things happen. Believe me when I say that if you have the above processes in place, they WILL happen. The human being is a goal getting machine. It’s just not yet evolved enough to know the difference between what’s good and bad for us when it comes to mental programming! Put negativity in your head and that’s exactly what you’ll get! You are intelligent enough to make choices, no matter who you are. You are not the mistakes you have made in the past but capable of whatever you want by thinking rationally about the future.

However, you must take time to develop an unbreakable mindset first or face spinning your wheels and being drawn to the next quick fix answer to your problem even though you know it won’t work long-term.

Jon-Le-TocqJon Le Tocq is the leading personal trainer in Guernsey who specializes in rapid fat loss, kettlebell training and strength and conditioning for performance. Find out more at http://www.stormforcefitness.com or http://www.guernseyfitnesscamp.com.


Over to you…

What do you think about Jon’s factors to an unbreakable fitness mindset?  What other ideas can you share to help others (and me!)?

Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.

The Unbreakable Fitness Mindset

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  • This is pretty good advice for life in general, not just fitness-wise. Thanks for sharing great reminders!

    • Absolutely agree with ya! As I was re-reading through this (which I did several times mind you 😉 ), I realized new/different things I need to be doing in several areas of my life. So I’m glad that you pointed that out and hope others realize the same!

      Thanks for stopping in and sharing your feedback! ‘Preciate ya!

  • Yikes, if I walked around talking to myself trying to reprogram my brain to think those positive thoughts, I’d be talking to myself nonstop and people would start to think I’m crazy. Why is it so much easier to think negative things?

    I agree that you have to surround yourself with support – people who share your ideas or at the very least can get on board with you, and even an environment that supports your goals. One negative thought can be ruinous and yet it takes all this work to surround ourselves with positive things! Yet it’s so important. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Carol, girl, let those people think you’re crazy. I say THEY are the ones who’re crazy for not doing what Jon is proposing here and reprogramming non-beneficial thoughts! 🙂

      “Why is it so much easier to think negative things?” << when you get the answer to this question, PLEASE let me know. I've been asking that question for years!

  • Hey Kesha,

    What a stellar post! I’m all about it! I love to grow and try new stuff all the time. I have my affirmations set each month and post it on my bathroom mirror so I won’t forget,then say it aloud throughout the day.

    The intensity you write about is my favorite! I do have that “picture” in my mind and do meditate upon it every day. In my case it is a place I have created. I can see it, walk through it, smell fresh air, I can feel the touch of certain objects. I have gotten so good at it that I know it will be manifested, all I have to do is bump into it.

    I’ve done it before and it worked. Here as you mention, loosing weight is such a perfect example. I actually went up a size a few months ago. So I purchased an expensive suit that was my size. I took the tags off and threw it away. This gave me the incentive to get my butt to the gym (which I have a thousand excuses not to go to) Because I visualize myself in that suit. I am determined and see myself in it. I’m almost there…


    • You’re my girl Donna! Mirror posting, saying affirmations with meaning, visualization, meditation, forethought (suit purchase)…you haven’t left one stone unturned!!!

      *high fives*

      I LOOOOOOOVE your attitude and hope others (including myself when I need motivation) can follow your footsteps when needed!!

      Let me know when you get into that suit. I wanna see pics!! 🙂

  • Fabulous advice Jon!

    I say out loud every day what I’m grateful. I also have a vision book that I go through each day along with reading out loud what I want. I meditate on it four times a day and I visualize it happening to me. Like Donna shared in her post, I feel the excitement and joy so I know it’s just a matter of time.

    I remain positive every day of my life and don’t let all the small stuff get to me anymore. I always think the best of people and that’s usually what I get in return.

    I know this type of thinking has a lot to do with your mind and body. I was overweight as a child but took care of that in my mid to late 20’s. I thank God everyday for my health and how great I look. I tell ya Jon, I’m never tempted to go nuts with food. I haven’t gained weight in probably ten years now. Now that’s nice.


    • More proof I think we are Soul Sistahs Adrienne! Though I may not say aloud what I’m grateful for, I write them down since I’m a writer at heart anyway. 🙂

      You hit it on the head with “I feel the excitement and joy…” THAT’S the key and I already had an inkling that’s how you’ve become successful! 😉

      Now, if only you can help me so I don’t get tempted to go nuts with food, then I’ll be ayight! LOL

      *need to follow my own advice* 😉

  • I have read a lot of writing down things to be grateful for each day. Also read about putting down what you really want and thinking as if it were already present. But this is a new one for me. To actually write down what you would do if you were. I don’t need to lose weight, well maybe a few pounds would be nice. But being out of debt and living elsewhere is a goal. So if I write down what I would be doing if that had already happened, may just be what I need to be a push in the right direction. Shall have to give it a try. I know that an action plan to accomplish that would be necessary, but that can surely be integrated with what I would write down.
    Thanks for the great idea.

    • Exactly Mary and what you state is similar to visualization, the idea that to achieve what you want, you have to visualize it as if it has already occurred. The next step though is to also BELIEVE that is is true and can happen! 🙂

      Please keep me posted on your progress towards those goals too. Where are thinking of living?

      • Hi Lakesha

        I am living in San Francisco bay area, but would like to move further north to Redding, California. At least some place up there with a few acres.


  • Great advice Jon,

    I agree this advice can be applied to anything. I have never had a weight problem and have always exercised but certainly there are other areas in my life I have had to work at.

    Starting an online business for me was a biggy as I was terrified of technology.

    Being crystal clear on what we want is important because many people seem not to know.

    Thanks for some great tips.


    • Yep Sue, that’s why I love this article so much…it spans all areas of our lives!

      You mentioned that we need to be crystal clear but a lot of people just don’t know what they want or know a little bit but don’t know how to further clarify their thoughts. (I was once that way as well!) That’s the main reason I feel we have so much discontent, stress, and overwhelming feelings in our lives.

      Once the lightbulb goes off and we get that Aha moment, BAM! Things seem to change for the better and even propel us forward that much faster. 🙂

      Speaking of starting your business, can you offer any tips for others on how you moved forward even though you were terrified of technology? (Feel free to link to a blog post if you have something written to this issue already).


      • Hi again Lakesha

        Oh good point you have there come to think of it I was not always crystal clear either.

        I tried to get my first blog post to come up but it is too far back. It is http://suejprice.com/my-journey-begins/ in that I talk about what I was having to overcome to be online.

        I had a vision when I was a business owner of a traditional business with staff and overheads of having a more simple life.

        I wanted a different life and had a pretty strong vision of what I want my new life to be like.

        I kept telling myself if others can do this I can learn it too.

        Interesting when we do overcome some of our fears it is difficult to remember back to how we did it.


  • I found this post to be very informative and filled with great tips. However, after reading it twice, I felt like it turned from health and fitness to size bashing. When it comes to health, unhealthy people come in bodies from sizes 2 to 22 and not necessarily “fat and unhealthy.” Instead of focusing on size, our overall goal should be to focus on the healthiness of all beings.

    As the author stated, I agree that healthy living is a a mindset but avoiding shows “which make it seem okay to be a ‘larger woman?” Okay. Women of all sizes should love themselves no matter the size. It is the love they possess for themselves that will influence change to a healthier lifestyle.

    • You’re right Yo, that unhealthy is seen at all sizes. As a matter of fact, I was talking to a girl the other day who was very petite but who told me that her BMI was very high, at a level that is unhealthy for her body type! I thought she was playing but soon realized that she was serious and was talking about getting healthy and exercising and such. Though most people only equate unhealthiness with being fat, it’s more widespread these days with EVERYbody especially with what’s in our foods, what we put in our mouths, etc. (that’s a whole ‘notha topic we can talk about!).

      I’m glad you shared your input on this one from the perspective of health overall. These tips can help anybody, whether it’s to gain/lose weight, get started on a business venture, or just be happy. So hopefully people will take the tips and use them for whatever they need.

      Thanks boo!!

  • Hi Jon!
    great advice and suggestion.i feel that negative ideas create active soon rather than positive .i have a situation something like this now a time but i try to out negative idea from my mind .and think your advice will help me in this situation.
    thanks for joining this blog.

  • Very good post,

    As a life coach I see people reliving the past and worry about the future a lot. The past doesn’t exist anymore and the future doesn’t exist yet. It’s interesting that the concept of living “in the moment” because that’s all we have is still something new for a lot of people.

    By living in the moment, being grateful for your have, saying and think positive things to yourself can really change your life in every regards, losing weight and anything else under the sun!

    Thanks for this post 🙂

    • Thank you Sylviane for sharing your thoughts! And since you are a life coach and work with people about this very issue of mindset and reframing thoughts and blog about the subconscious mind a lot, we should talk soon as I think you’d be a great person to have here on the blog to share feedback in a more expansive manner for my readers! What do ya say?



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