Procrastination….it’s the word we don’t like to use to identify the times we feel less than productive or just plain lazy. I often feel like I should be attending PA (Procrastinator’s Anonymous) or something. Can you imagine how empty those seats would be because we’d put off going! LOL

Here’s the simplest definition of the word:

…the action of delaying or postponing something.

Doesn’t sound like much of a big deal, eh? We’ve all delayed something at one time or another. But not until it becomes habitual do we have problems.

In an article I read recently questioning the existence of “good and bad procrastination,” I tend to think there’s an art to this phenomenon!

Good and Bad Procrastination…Is there such a thing?

So in the article I referenced above, Paul Graham postulates that procrastination isn’t always bad and even describes three (3) variants of procrastination [depending on what you do instead of working on something] as follows:

“You could work on (a) nothing, (b) something less important, or (c) something more important. That last type, I’d argue, is good procrastination.” Paul Graham

Graham also concludes that though there are millions of articles that talk about how to cure procrastination (okay, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but I had 920K results myself….do a Google search and see how many results  come up for you!), it’s impossible to do so!

Think about it. There is always something we could be doing. The question becomes, how do we procrastinate well instead of trying to find a cure. 🙂

6 Types of Procrastinators (by character)

Now let’s have some fun and figure out what type of procrastinator you are what the general consensus is as to how to deal with it properly. Don’t be alarmed when you see yourself in multiple categories! 🙂

By the way, if you need help with this first one, check out my Escape Perfectionism series!

Perfectionist Procrastinator

Dreamer Procrastinator

Crisis Maker Procrastinator Defier Procrastinator
OverDoer Procrastinator

6 different types of procrastinators...which one(s) are you?

Image credits goes to the wonderful site, Addicted2Success. Bookmark this site because it’s awesome!

Type of Procrastination (by action)

This infographic is right on point and I pretty much found myself in ALL of them!! LOL  😀

Click to view view size

The field guide to procrastinators by 20 pixels...pretty funny and I'm basically ALL of them!
Image Source: Twenty Pixels…If you don’t know about that site yet, check it out. Many great illustrations over there. 🙂


Over to you…

What type of procrastinator did you find yourself to be? How do you deal with it? Don’t be shy; share below!

Also, head on over to Perfectionism & Procrastination…2 Words That Kill Success and Stages of Procrastination for further reading.

Image Credit: Sandglaz
Image Credit: Sandglaz



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What Type Of Procrastinator Are You?
  • Love it Lakesha!

    The scary part is I’m several of these :). I’m the Cleaner, The List Maker, and the Perpetuator LOL.

    I procrastinate in work and in my personal life. I’m the one still wrapping presents on Christmas Eve :).

    I thinks I have a fear that I won’t have fun doing a project and it will show in my work. That’s one analysis LOL 🙂

    Great post Chica! TGIF!

    • Ha! Don’t fret Corina, me too girl! It’s all good though. Holla at me sometimes if you need me. We can work through our procrastination together. 😉


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