Truth or Dare Which Do You Choose

Ahhh, the old Truth or Dare game…the game of many teen slumber parties and college tomfoolery…oh and crazy drunken adult gatherings. 🙂 

I can’t tell you the last time I’ve played but it’s been a good minute. Okay, maybe a good few years.

But I remember choosing Dare a lot. That’s what you do when you’re young. You’re fierce and fearless!

Now, in my wiser years, I’m mostly a truth person, although it depends on who I’m playing with. Can’t let everybody dare you! 😉

So recently while at the TypeAPhilly Conference, I decided to see what other people would choose and got some interesting answers.

So now I share with you a short video featuring 9 lovely and fabulous women and their responses.

What Do TypeAPhilly Chicas Choose?

Watch these quick snippets of what several people said they’d choose if they played the game today.

Video Link:

What do you choose?

When was the last time you played Truth or Dare? Which do you normally choose?

Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.

Truth or Dare Game: Which Option Do You Choose? (Video)

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  • I’m almost too embarrassed to tell you Kesha but I’ve never played. I didn’t go to college and we didn’t play these types of games back when I was in high school. We never played any types of games if you must know the truth. I guess the people I hung around with, our parties were more drinking, dancing, barbecues, that sort of stuff.

    Had I played though I probably would have gone with truth because I’ll do some dares and have in my life but I won’t do just anything.

    Thanks for sharing what all the ladies, including yourself chose.


    • I feel you Adrienne, people can make us scared to choose Dare (depending on who it is!). LOL

      Sounds like you and your friends had a ball though with what you were doing! 🙂


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