Hanging out with Superman in Metropolis, IL (travel diaries)

So this one time at band camp, my mom, niece, and I traveled to the small city of Metropolis, IL. My niece had just received notification that she’d been selected as Student of the Month and we wanted to celebrate. While thinking of where we could go in under a day or two, my mom mentioned she had a free stay at Harrah’s Casino Metropolis. Welp, there’s our answer!

Aside: The Fresh Buffet at Harrah’s was not good at all. The food was bland and not very satisfying. However, the Bridges Dining Company restaurant is a different story. We not only had great food but also some very attentive and funny servers and attendants! We were thoroughly entertained. There’s also a bar but we opted for the dining area since it was lunchtime.

Now back to my story…

What’s so special about Metropolis you ask?

It’s the home of Superman. Yes, THAT Superman! 🙂

I had never been to Metropolis but have heard of the city since I’m a quasi-Superman fan (“quasi” only because die hard fans would disagree due to my lack of full knowledge of the entire Superman brand!). *side eye*

When I tell you that Metropolis is a small town, it’s tinier than tiny! The only things to really do in the city is gamble at the Casino, check out the Superman statue (standing at 15 feet and weighing 2 tons) and visit the Super Museum with umpteen thousand items from toys, TV props, comics and costumes to photos, lunchboxes, and figurines. The museum is the collection of Superman enthusiast and collector, Jim Hambrick, and is the largest collection of Superman memorabilia in the world!

Then, every year they have a huge Superman Celebration. Per the visitor’s website, “This one-of-a-kind event honors Metropolis’ favorite son, Superman, and is held the second weekend of June each year.  Complete with entertainment, celebrity appearances and even a $1000 Superhero Costume Contest this celebration is a must see event!”

Woooooow, I bet the city sees more people in one day than they have people that live there! I wouldn’t mind seeing that though.

I hear you thinking…it’s cheesy huh? Hey, that’s how I roll!

Fun Photos

Superman Statue in Metropolis, IL

Let’s not forget about Lois Lane! She was located down the street around the corner from the Man of Steel.

Lois Lane statue in Metropolis, IL - down the street from Superman

Notable Mentions…

We stopped at this cute little upscale consignment shop called Four Seasons which is only a few moments away over in Paducah, KY, and can I tell you we racked up! I got a lamp, wine glasses, clothes, purses, jewelry…yes, we had the trunk full! They were having a 50% off everything in the store. Can’t beat that!

Lastly, on our way home, we stopped at Fat Edd’s Roadhouse for a delicious burger! There’s a place called Fast Eddie’s Roadhouse we used to frequent in Alton, IL and found out these used to be sister bizzes. It didn’t disappoint!

Over to you…

Have you visited Metropolis? What other fun places have you been lately? Maybe I’ll add your suggestion to my travel list this year. 🙂


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Travel Diaries: Hanging Out With Superman in Metropolis, IL
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