14,000 Things To Be Happy About

64 new crayons, stretch socks, jelly rolls, “I love you,” bath sheets, Mickey Mouse, West Side Story…and 13,993 more things author Barbara Ann Kipfer has identified in her book, 14,000 Things To Be Happy About. Whew, what a list!

I’m sure if we all sat down, we, too, can come up with a massive list of things to be happy about. 

So I challenged myself to see how many I can come up with in 5 minutes. I’m not surprised that I came up with 100 right off the bat! I won’t bore you and make you read my list (only a few) but I do highly recommend that you take the challenge and start on your own list as well.

The Science of Thinking Happy Thoughts

Whenever I need a pick me up, I look back at my gratitude journal or simply think about happy situations I’ve experienced. Not only does this help me remember how grateful I am about my life but I truly feel joyful and positive when I do so.

Now that I’ll be adding to my list of things to be happy about on a regular basis, I can add this to my list of things to look at when I’m not feeling my best.

Research shows that positive thoughts/emotions stimulate a greater sense of well being overall, including better relationships, greater health, and even can attribute to a longer life span (Source: Open Hearts Build Lives). 

“Positive emotions momentarily broaden people’s attention and thinking, enabling them to draw on higher-level connections and a wider-than-usual range of percepts or ideas,” per the Review of General Psychology.

In this heightened state of awareness, I feel clearer, more open, and more connected with those around me and that’s enough for me to want to feel happy more often than not!

You can read additional impressive insights about how positive thinking impacts your everyday life in a paper published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

27 Things To Be Happy About (My short list)

Want to see some of the things that came up on my list in 5 minutes? Here ya go!

  • Oreos
  • smile lines
  • my mom’s voice
  • protective hairstyles
  • a baby’s laughter – that ALWAYS makes me smile!
  • nail polish
  • milkshakes
  • daydreaming (in which I lovingly call Kesha Land)
  • logic puzzles, when I can figure them out 🙂
  • Honey Nut Cheerios with sliced bananas
  • strumming my electric guitar even though I don’t know how to play (yet)
  • a peaceful sway in a hammock
  • jewelry and shoe shopping 🙂
  • the “high” of being suspended in air while parasailing
  • Modern Family (series show)
  • Fridays (chill days)
  • Mondays (high energy days)
  • how my laugh is contagious
  • french fries
  • my favorite song on repeat
  • learned lessons
  • the whisper of a deep voice in my ear
  • “In order to be something, you gotta go through something…”
  • getting right answers on Jeopardy!
  • my best friends
  • my boo boos
  • YOU! 😉

Ayight, I truly can keep writing but I’ll spare you (for now)!

What’s on your list?

I can tell you all day to be happy but while that’s a good gesture and all, it can be easier said than done. Sometimes, you have to trick yourself to “be happy.” Reviewing your list of things you’re happy about can help. 

Now that you know (and hopefully find out more for yourself) how positive thinking and happy thoughts can impact your life, I hope you find more ways to weave and build those happy moments in your daily routine, play often, and seek more adventure. Your mind will make sure the rest is done!

So what are some things on your happy list?


Wassuper, it's yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what's "normal!" I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.
14,027 Things To Be Happy About…Warning: You Will Feel Giddy!

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  • Hi Kesha,
    I love your list! Me too on Modern Family (a laugh a second) and on chill Fridays!
    I’d have to think about my list but here’s a strange one I’ve added this year – the feeling that comes with solving a difficult problem!
    I think I have that book around here somewhere!
    Happy Friday eve!

    • Hey Lori! I can totally see how that makes you happy. *adds to my list as well* 🙂

      The book is such inspiration because I’ll just randomly open to a page and what I read reminds me of all types of things that make me happy! Happy Friday to ya!

  • I have a gratitude journal that is collecting dust :/ When I used it though it did make a HUGE difference in my life because I was thinking on a different wave length. I need to go back to doing that. Its so important to focus on the things that make us/made us happy, because everyday won’t be like that. However we don’t have to let those few bad days effect us and the outcome of how we feel or think.

  • Hi Kesha, I loved your idea of jotting down the names of things you that make you happy. I was glad looking at your list, I will sit down to make mine and I can assure you that I wouldn’t be done even in a couple of hours(laughs). However, I will start writing now, Thanks for sharing the post.


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