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When we think of nightmares, we often associate them with young children. If you are a parent, I’m sure you’ve already been woken up a few times in the middle of the night by a child who wants to climb into bed with you after a bad dream. Even though we instantly associate bad dreams with childhood, though, there are also many adults who are constantly plagued by nightmares, bad dreams, and disturbed sleep as well. And, when we get them in adulthood, they can often turn into night terrors which can be extremely terrifying.

Are you constantly plagued by nightmares? There’s no reason to lose any sleep over them. You just need to follow these tips to try and get to the bottom of what’s disturbing your sleep.

How to get rid of Nightmares, Bad Dreams, and Disturbed Sleep

Stop Snacking Before Bedtime

Have you heard the saying that eating cheese in the evening can cause nightmares? Well, you might think that it is just an old wive’s tale but, in actual fact, there is some truth in this saying. But it’s not just cheese that will give you bad dreams; any food you eat before bedtime could increase your risk of having bad dreams. That’s because the evening snack will give your metabolism a boost and it will be very active while you are sleeping. Lots of studies show that an active metabolism can cause dreams. Some studies have also linked certain junk foods to increasing the risk of nightmares even further.

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Reduce Your Stress

When we suffer from stress and anxiety, we each manifest different signs and symptoms. And for some of us, the stress will affect our sleep and result in us having nightmares through the night. So, you should find that dealing with your stress and working on reducing it can help to improve your sleep pattern and cut down on all your nightmares. This is also one reason why we often experience bad dreams in the nights before we have to do something stressful, such as take an important exam. If this is the reason why you think you have been having nightmares, then you should be pleased to hear that they should subside once you have carried out whatever it is you are worried about.


Improve Your Sleep Environment

Another reason why some of us suffer from nightmares and night terrors is that we aren’t sleeping in an optimum environment for sleep. Your bedroom should be quiet, dark, and cool to improve your sleep and to create an environment that won’t kick start any nightmares. It’s also a good idea to get a new mattress if yours is old and lumpy. You should view for details on the best kind of mattress on the market right now. It’s also a good idea to remove any TVs and computers from your bedroom as all of that tech has been linked to disrupted sleep.

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Ignore The Media

If you keep checking news channels like then you will already know that there are a lot of bad events constantly happening around the world. This can be very stressful to take in, especially when we are constantly keeping one eye on the news. All this news can increase your stress levels without knowing it, and this will have a knock-on effect on your sleep as well. So, if you have been trying to get your nightmares in check recently, you should take a break from the media. You will definitely survive if you don’t look at the news channels or news sites for a few days. You’ll find that you can then properly chill out and forget about the state of the world.


Drugs And Medication

If you are currently taking some drugs or other medications for a particular health condition, these could be having an effect on your sleep patterns and causing you to have nightmares. More often than not, medication affects the body’s neurotransmitters that can increase the frequency of bad dreams. If your nightmares started since you began a course of medication, then you should let your doctor know. They should be able to put you on a different course of medication. If there is no alternative, they should be able to offer you some ways you can try and reduce the frequency of nightmares. If you only have to stay on the medication for a short period of time, the bad dreams might just be something that you need to put up with for now.




Play Video Games

One scientific study showed that soldiers who were suffering from nightmares because of PTSD were able to sleep better after playing video games. Scientists believe that this is because playing the games helped to desensitize the soldiers so that they were able to come to term with previous traumas. This improved their sleep and reduced nightmare frequency. So, it could be worth playing some games and seeing if this helps you improve your sleep patterns. But you should be aware that there are some other studies that seem to show there is no link between video games and a reduction in the frequency of nightmares. So, this might not be the perfect solution for everyone.

play video games for self-care



Talk About It

If you try all of the above steps to managing your nightmares and find that nothing really helps things, you might want to book a few appointments with a counselor or therapist. These are professionals who have been trained to listen to people. You might find that talking about your worries or past traumas might help to relieve some stress and anxiety that you didn’t realize you had buried down deep inside of you. It might also be worth seeing a psychologist. These are trained in psychology and will be able to understand your brain and why it is producing such scary dreams.

Nightmares can be very unpleasant, and there is no wonder that you want to try to get to the bottom of yours. Hopefully, you’ll find that some of the above tips help you to get a better night’s sleep!


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The Self-Care Remedy for Nightmares, Bad Dreams, and Disturbed Sleep
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