The busy professional's guide to creating a meditation space.

You already know that meditation or simpy taking time for yourself to be still is good for your body, mind and soul.

Still, it can be a challenge for us busy professionals to find a place to sit and think right?!

But once you create a special place just for this purpose (remember, your surroundings play an important role in helping you to quiet your thoughts and become more mindful), you’ll find the time to sit and be at peace because you’ll want to be in your new sanctuary more often!

Benefits of Creating a Meditation Space

  1. Increase concentration. A designated area for contemplation makes it easier to switch gears. You can forget about the utility bills and your kids’ report cards. Pay attention to your breath and connect with the divine.
  2. Screen out distractions. Turn off your phone and the TV and keep your laptop out of sight. Let your family know that you’ll be out of reach for a while, even if only for 10 minutes.
  3. Practice more consistently. Your meditation space is a powerful reminder if you’re trying to establish a consistent practice. You can look forward to your next session each time you walk by.

Designing a Meditation Space at Home

I used to use my office but it just wasn’t conducive to being in a quiet place and blocking out noise like I really wanted. For one, I don’t have shades that block light coming into the office and, two, it’s facing the street so I hear people walking their dogs and cars driving by.

Now, I use a corner of my bedroom with my favorite chaise lounge chair (purple of course) and candles, and I’m not bothered by light because I have blackout drapes.

So let’s create your new sanctuary!

  1. Clean up. Removing clutter allows you to keep your space tidy and inviting.
  2. Lower the volume. Aim for a quiet environment so you can appreciate the silence or listen to guided instructions on CDs.
  3. Add inspiring objects. What do you like looking at while meditating or sitting peacefully? There are lots of options including posters, photos, or the flicker of a lit candle.
  4. Store literature. Maybe you like to refer to inspirational books or passages. Stack them neatly near your space to keep them pretty and protected.
  5. Arrange seating. Having a comfortable place to sit is essential. You may prefer a regular chair or floor cushions. Any position that encourages good posture can work. Just remember to support your back.

Finding a Meditation Space Away From Home

  1. Browse community spaces. If you like practicing in a group, a space away from home may be your best option. Check out what’s available in your neighborhood. Yoga studios and college campuses are good options. Local spiritual centers may also welcome visitors of all faiths and philosophies.
  2. Ask your boss. A growing number of companies are taking an interest in meditation. Talk with your employer about using a conference room before or after work.
  3. Enjoy nature. Head outdoors if the weather is mild. Enjoy beaches and public gardens while you meditate. Look for a spot where it’s safe to drop your guard for a while. Better yet, get one of those hammocks with a stand and put in your own backyard (this cute denim one is on my list). Just ensure you’re safe!
  4. Meditate anywhere. Remember that the most important meditation space is in your mind. The more you practice, the easier it will be to calm your thoughts regardless of what is going on around you. Focusing on your breath can help you to reduce tension whether you’re sitting in the dentist’s chair or waiting in line at the Department of Motor Vehicles, ESPECIALLY at the DMV!

Over to you…

Create your own beautiful haven in your home or in your neighborhood. A special space definitely enables you to draw your focus inward and experience greater peace.

Do you have a dedicated space to meditate or sit quietly to block out thoughts and refresh your mind? Share with us below!


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The Busy Professional’s Guide to Creating a Meditation Space

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