One Life. Your Story. Six Words. What’s Yours?

Six word memoirs - Uncommon Chick...what's yours?

Ahhh, the ever so oldie but goodie – six word memoirs/stories.

I remember when everybody was talking about it after Smith Magazine started a challenge back in ’06 and even O Magazine had a full feature highlighting stories from readers.

And it got me thinking – What would my peeps say? What’s their story?

So I took it to the streets and by streets I mean Facebook. :-)

In Response to ‘What’s Your Six Word Memoir?’ 

I am amazed, inspired, and sometimes amused by what some of my friends had to say and enjoyed reading their unique perspectives. Check it out!

Six word memoirs from my Facebook friends - What Yours?

Six word memoirs from my Facebook Fans - What Yours?

What’s my story?

Now it’s my turn to take a stab at it. So putting myself in the hot seat, I came up with these six word memoirs:

  • Do it today; be glad tomorrow.
  • This is MY life; enjoy it.
  • Life is simple; don’t complicate it.
  • Live life fully or die trying.

Who’da thunk that six words can be so powerful?!

Everyone has a story…what’s yours?

There’s no doubt that each one of us could write a long autobiography but sometimes fewer words do the trick perfectly!

So now I ask you – what six words sum up your life or philosophy? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share in the comments below!

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