15 Romantic and Practical Ways to Show Your Partner Real Love


Read that quote again. Too many people are confused. If a relationship is built on ego, lust or insecurity, it’s doomed to fail! 

The good news is that once you’ve let go of egotistic ways or unhealthy insecurities, your relationships can thrive. And once that starts to happen, you don’t want to lose the momentum. 

To keep your love alive, you must work at nurturing your relationship and constantly work at legging go of baggage. It’s not a one-time-deal-set-it-and-forget type of thing.

Sometimes that means a grand gesture, and sometimes it’s a matter of paying attention to the small stuff.

Otherwise, you may start taking each other for granted and drift apart. I’m seeing it happen more often these days with people and their failing relationships!

So whether you’re newlyweds or you’ve been living together for many years, you can keep your connection strong.

Try these romantic and practical ideas to show your partner some real love!

Romantic Gestures That Show Love

  1. Display affection. Greet your partner warmly each time you see them, whether you just saw them or haven’t seen them all day. Embrace often and use touch to express your thoughts.
  2. Write love notes. Create your own poems or borrow from your favorite quotes. Stick notes with sentimental messages on the bathroom mirror or kitchen coffee pot. Put a love letter in your spouse’s luggage when they leave on a business trip. Simple things like these don’t take a lot of time and goes a LOOOOONG way!
  3. Give them gifts (this one never gets old!). Presents can be inexpensive as long as they’re thoughtful. Bring home a movie your partner will love or a new novel by his/her favorite author. Drive across town to get the brand of perfume he/she prefers.
  4. Spring a surprise. Wake up early and serve breakfast in bed on an otherwise routine weekday morning. Send your children to their grandparent’s house for the weekend and spend a couple of quiet days together.
  5. Laugh it up. I can’t stress how important laughing together is. You gotta have fun while you’re working on your relationship. Feel free to be silly. Take crazy photos together. Enjoy your own inside jokes and appreciate each other’s humor. Laugh often and loudly!
  6. Share your dreams. Talk about your plans and goals. Common values are even more important than liking the same things.
  7. Arrange date nights. Take turns planning a date night each week. You need some couple time away from children, chores, work, and other people and distractions.

Practical Gestures That Show Love

  1. Listen closely. Knowing your partner will help you speak their love language. Validate their feelings and concerns. Try to understand their perspective even when you disagree.
  2. Do chores. Sharing the housework speaks volumes about your love and respect for each other. Claim the tasks you excel at or take turns.
  3. Apologize often and quickly. Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them. Be quick to forgive as you’d like to be forgiven when you make a mistake. The trick is to apologize quickly and often as needed. Apologizing is NOT a sign of defeat or weakness as some would have you believe. It’s a sign of humbleness.
  4. Cheer them on. Give each other your full support. Listen actively and ask questions when your partner talks about what’s going on with them so that you fully understand. Celebrate their victories and empathize with their setbacks.
  5. Work out together. Staying fit can give you more years to spend together. Sign up for a family or couple’s gym membership. Search for a sport that you both enjoy such as volleyball or tennis. Build a workout area at home where you can train together even on rainy days.
  6. Find a hobby. Make your leisure time more enriching and develop interests that will draw you closer together. If you both love astronomy, buy a telescope, become members at your local science museum, and visit observatories when you travel.
  7. Give each other space. While it’s important to spend time together, each of us needs our independence too. Let your partner know it’s okay when they want to spend some time alone or hang out with their friends. It’s definitely needed and is a MUST in relationships!
  8. Keep growing. Developing your potential may be the most profound way to express your love. The more you have, the more you can contribute to your relationship. Grow in your self – mind, body, and spirit.

Over to you…

Maintain the magic in your relationship by asking yourself how you can make your partner feel special. Loving words and actions will help keep you strong and united. And speaking of words and actions, romantic experiences are very key to creating lasting love!

How do you show your partner some real love? Chime in. I wanna know!



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15 Romantic and Practical Ways to Show Your Partner Real Love

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