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Doesn’t it often feel like you’re always ON 24 hours a day and STILL never have enough time to accomplish what you want and even if you do, you’re burnt out from doing it? In this episode, I explain why time management in and of itself doesn’t work and how to use energy management to your advantage so that you can be way more productive.

Notes [with time stamps]

  • The real difference between time management and energy management [2:25]
  • My new philosophy on both time and energy management [3:00]
  • The big deal on why energy matters [3:51]
  • Signs you’re running on low energy and subsequent consequences [4:40]
  • 6 things you can do to boost your energy levels today [5:44]
  • Rebel Reflection (3 areas to focus on to manage energy more effectively) [14:49]


Energy Management Infographic


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S1E6 – Escape Time Management (and the #1 resource to use instead)

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