Hey y’all, this is my first photo-a-day challenge and I’m super stoked because I know that if I can get at least one more person to learn to love themselves even just a little bit more, then my job is complete! 🙂

So why #LoveThyself and why now?

With people being so willing to share every thought and every aspect of their lives on social media, I can see, even through what’s NOT being said, how much love is not being given to self.

I see so much hatred, anger, and envy that it pains me to see it. A lot of times, these people don’t even know this is what they are portraying in their statuses or images and I find myself sending warm, loving light their way. *one day my superpowers will increase and take hold of the person virtually and give them the love they need from afar* 😉

Another thing I see is how much love we give to other people, which is AWESOME!

Buuuuuut, where is the love for ourselves? Why don’t we treat ourselves the way we treat other people? We congratulate, hug, love, praise, admire, appreciate and are kind and nice to others but are so negative to ourselves.

So one way I feel can help turn this around is to give people, especially women, the chance to think about themselves everyday for 28 days straight with a focus on them.

It’s simple yet can be challenging for some to actually take time out for themselves to love and appreciate the very moment they are in.

#LoveThyself2015 Photo-a-day Challenge

The #1 rule is…THERE ARE NO RULES! But here are some guidelines. LOL

  1. Take a moment and breathe around each word or phrase and identify what it means for you. Don’t look at other people’s photos yet. Do you, first!
  2. It doesn’t matter how you choose to portray the thought for the day. Just own it and capture it. There is no right or wrong way at all. The photo can even be one already in your camera roll that fits the day’s prompt!
  3. Commit! Commit to loving you everyday and share how you are doing so with me and your tribe. It’s about support, strength, fellowship, and of course LOVE!
  4. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #LoveThyself2015 in your photos!

Notice I didn’t say “be creative.” Because whatever you choose to capture is ALREADY you being creative. 😉

#LoveThyself2015 Photo a day challenge
Save or screenshot this image so that you can remember each day’s prompt!

Will you join me?

In the end, with this challenge the only thing that matters is that we analyze ourselves, learn, and grow from this experience. Tag me in your photos, follow mine, connect with me on Instagram so we can see each other’s lovingness. Let’s do this!

***Oh, there will be surprise gifts along the way chosen at random. But you gotta capture to play. 😉 ***

P.S. Not on Instagram? No worries! Post your photos on Pinterest or Facebook and use the hashtag. Just do it!

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February Photo-a-day Challenge #LoveThyself2015

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