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Success…we all want it. But we all don’t achieve it (or at least not in the time frame that we’d like).

Why not? What happens that causes a delay in success?

Great question!

Recently, one of my favorite Uncommon Dudes, Phil Bowyer, invited me to talk about this thing called Perfection in relation to success. So he, the lovely Krithika Rangarajan, affectionately known as Ms. Kitty (that sounds naughty! LOL), and I got on a hangout and hashed it out.

You may recall that I wrote a series called “Escape Perfectionism,” where I shared some really good advice (and my experience as a recovering perfectionist) for those who struggle with this, especially at the expense of achieving success.

Killing Success

So, about perfectionism, procrastination, and success. What do they all have in common?

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Secondly, I’d venture to say that they are all proportional to each other. What I mean is this: when we aim for perfection (which is considered to be based in fear in and of itself), it takes us longer to actually get something done (a form of procrastination) which ultimately hinders and/or delays success.

See the link between them now?

In the hangout, Kitty actually talked about 2 different types of procrastinators that contribute to this phenomenon: 1) lazy folks (of course!) and 2) those who want to get stuff done so perfectly that they don’t complete things at all.

“Procrastination is a by product of perfectionism!” ~Kitty

Perfectionism Hangout On Air

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Here are two of the audience’s favorite takeaways:

  1. Excellence is a journey.” ~Kitty
  2. You can’t give more than your best!” ~Yours truly 😉

The hangout on air (HOA) was much fun! You’ll gain more insight from people who commented on the event page as they were really sharing some great stuff!

Over to you…

What say you? How do you think perfectionism, procrastination and success are related? Chime in! We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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P.P.S. Want to send a shoutout to my girls, Andrea Amir and Tracy Renea. I quoted these lovely ladies during the hangout!


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Perfectionism & Procrastination…2 Words That Kill Success
  • Val

    This is where I am right now. Your best is your best. Period.

  • Great post Chica! I can totally identify with procrastinating because I want everything to be perfect.

    I’m slowly learning how to get passed it but it’s a daily challenge.

    Passing this along! Have a great day!


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