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Hello, I’m Kesha!

I help Freedom-Seeking, Gutsy women create better bizzes, bodies, and lives they love!

This is your home if you desire to live an extraordinary life and create meaningful work on your own terms, want to experience more freedom, joy, and adventure in your life, and seek a wildly passionate community of diverse, vibrant, and candid chicks (and some cool dudes) looking to do the same!

My Promise is to Help You…


    • Live your truth despite what others say
    • Become more Confident through Focused Action
    • Create a more Adventurous, Holistic life
    • Create Meaningful and profitable work or business you Love
    • Stir Your Soul to Do Great Things like you were born to do
    • (Re)Create a mindset to Overcome Any Obstacle despite fear
    • Go from Blah to Awesome! Why? Because you Deserve it!


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Word Around the Block


testimonialsample“Meeting Kesha was a divine connection! I immediately discerned her passion to truly break the barriers helping poeple own their unique awesomesauce and enjoy the extraordinary business and life they desire. A professional business women who gets the job done, but make no mistake…her fun personality, positive energy and wit is infectious which made brainstorming with her a breath of fresh air!”

-Tyree Montgomery, Leadership Coach

testimonialsample2“What can I say? Just wanted to thank you for sharing your creative genius with me for my new business ventures. You are THE go-to expert for professional web design, branding, marketing, social media, SEO, etc. I’m privileged to know you and keep doing your thing!”


-Tamiko C., Creator of Pursue Your Purpose