30 day mind, body, soul challenge

Let’s do it!!

Today starts the day I embark upon a 30 day Mind, Body, Soul Challenge!

Some of you may remember this as the same theme – mind, body, soul – of my one year blogiversary celebration last month. I figured these areas can always be improved upon so why not keep it going! 🙂

Mind, Body, Soul Challenge

In a nutshell, the challenge is about creating better habits in all areas of our lives.

Some of my goals include:

  • Mind – increase memory retention, be more productive, think more clearly…
  • Body – develop better fitness and healthier food consumption habits…
  • Soul – create more positive self talk, be more confident with Self, ensure emotional wellness…

What about you? What are some of your goals in these areas?

There are several tasks I can do daily to [directly or indirectly] accomplish these goals as identified below under daily habits tracking. 

In addition, to help keep myself accountable to what I SAY I want, I’ll be posting a photo a day on my Facebook Fan page depicting motivation relating to the theme, my workouts, food habits, or anything else that keeps me on track and hopefully that which can help you as well. 

I figure since I’m putting it out there to the world (yes, the whole world may be watching me!), it will help keep me in line. Hey, who knows…maybe I’ll motivate and/or influence someone else to follow through with their goals which would be awesome!

Daily Habits Tracking

So as I’m a planner and like to write things down, I was inspired by Sebastian Marshall’s series about daily time, habit, and life tracking and measuring results to keep track of my goals and habits during the challenge.

Why use a tracker you ask?


The key to establishing positive habits is to do them daily. tweet-this


“What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker tweet-this


daily habits tracking example excel spreadsheet

Download a copy of the Excel file (.xlsx) to edit and use for your own needs!

As you can see in the above Excel spreadsheet where I’m tracking key habits and goals, there are several things I’m doing on a daily basis to keep my mind on the things I know I need to be doing to create not only more positive habits but also a more productive day so that at the end of the day and week, I have time for myself. THAT’S what missing right now for me. I don’t create enough “me time.” 🙁

I miss scrapbooking, latch hooking, my pamper me days, and time to do absolutely nothing!

So with these habits in place, I can be sure to create that time I want and still get things done.

How I’m Making These Habits Stick

Sometimes, I’m good in changing/creating better habits for about a week or two but then I falter. So I’ve found that by doing these strategies, I can achieve longer lasting results.

  1. Make habits more social. This is what this post is all about because it can be tough to change habits if you try to do it alone. Find others who can help support you in creating better habits.
  2. Make it a priority. Do you put off your habits because of [fill in the blank with your favorite excuse]? The truth is if you’re going to be successful in any area of your life, it has to be a top priority. If you don’t have the time, you’ll have to create the space in your life to make it happen.
  3. Take the first step. The most important thing is to just get started. Make the declaration to join me in this challenge. That’s the first step! 🙂 Don’t let the temptation to have everything perfectly in place before you start bog you down. Just do it (thanks Nike!)

Taking the proper actions repeatedly over an extended period of time is what will make our new habits stick!

Won’t You Join Me?

If you have any goals you want to accomplish in any or all of these areas – mind, body, or soul – and want some accountability (ummm, who doesn’t!), please join me! We can help keep other on track regardless of your goals. Also, if you want to share any tips on how to create and maintain positive habits, please do so in the comments below!

Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives. Let’s rethink, redo, and reinvent YOU so you can live life YOUR way!
Mind, Body, Soul 30 Day Challenge – Creating Better Habits
  • Mmmm great challenge. Now let me write out my goals for this 30 days.

    • Get that list ready and don’t put too much on it so you won’t feel overwhelmed!

  • I’m actually getting ready for a Yeast Free diet. I’m making some small changes now but that’s what I’m working toward to begin the Monday after I get back from STL.

    • Ooooh, doing that also helps you get rid of sugar! I need to follow your lead on that one too 🙂

  • Roy A Ackerman,PhD,EA

    Are you really going to START your day with 16 oz of water????

    Seriously though, I love things like this, because your goals have been converted into measurable items that can be viewed at a glance. Progress is clearly denoted.

    • Yep, Roy! Old habits had me not eating or drinking anything in the mornings so I’d then struggle to get in enough water the rest of the day. New habit: drink water upon waking and eat something for breakfast regardless of how light it may be (I’m just not a big breakfast eater). I’ve found that when I do that upon getting up, I can get in almost a gallon of water a day!

  • Great post. I particularly liked the tracking document. Very helpful.

    • Yes, the tracking doc is a very good idea and leads me to make sure I do what I say I want to do without forgetting. It also helps to reduce procrastination wherein I now don’t put things off until later 🙂

      Thanks for stopping through and sharing your feedback, Emily!

      btw: Let me know if you’d like a copy of the doc to adopt for your use…

  • Lis

    EXCELLENT EXCELLENT!!! I have been trying to pull myself together in much of the same way. This is some GREAT food for thought and helps put a lil fire under my tush! I’ll be checkin’ on ya and welcome you to do so with me!

    • Glad I could light a lil fire for ya there…let me know when I need to turn up the heat!!! *torch in hand* 🙂 It’s Day 2, not too late to join me! (though it wouldn’t matter what day I’m on, you can start ANYtime!)

      Yes, please do check up on me and I’ll do the same with you. I plan to do a weekly update (video since I need to do more of those anyway) to keep me out there as well…too late to turn back now! 😉

  • Hey Kesha,

    I’m really bad for sheduling in time for me…the fun things. Thanks for reminding me that there is space to do that too. Will be taking a leaf out of your book here.

    • Please do Jackie!! I had been saying for WAAAAAAY too long that I would get back to doing the non-work items I love to do like scrapbooking. I can’t remember the last time I made a handmade card!! 🙁

      This way, I can track how I’m spending my time and how efficient I am. There is TOO much time in the day for me to say I don’t have time for what I want (yep, you read that right) 😉

      With this type of tracking, I’m hoping more people can realize this as truth for them as well.

      I’m also removing “not enough time” from my vocabulary!

  • Jeremy Ginn

    I love this post. My biggest challenge has been staying organized. I have notebooks, post its, files, etc…. Just one place is what I keep telling myself.

    I look forward to following more of your work.

    • Hey Jeremy, thanks for stopping through!

      I feel you, I was the same way with notes all over the place. The tracker is really helping me stay organized, keep my mind on what I say I want to do, and ensure I’m doing it all! I’m now using different terminology and saying that I DO have all the time in the world I need; I just need to manage it better 😉

  • Hi Lakesha!
    great ideas.i will try to use the tracking document in my days and see the result after 30 days.i like your ideas.

    • Hey Anshul, I’ve added a link to the post so that you can download a copy of the file I’m using and edit for your purposes if you like.

      Keep me posted on how you’re doing too!

  • Mz. Kesha! I LOVE THIS!! I’m in! Is it ok if I’m 4 days late?! Also, maybe I missed it, but how do I get my mitts on your cool excel sheet? i’d like to tweak it for my 30 days… YAY! Kudos to you for doing this! You’ll feel the amazing difference and keep on keepin’ on!

    • Hey chica, I have now added a link to download the Excel file for the tracker I’m suing so you can use for your own needs. And YES you can still join me!! Everybody’s welcome to join at anytime! 🙂

      Let’s do it!

  • Love this! You rock! Girlfriend, you are the best! This is so perfect 🙂 I’m giggling ’cause I made a handwritten one for my secret 28-day yoga challenge I’m doing. It looks like a 1st grader made mine. Yours is oh so pretty. I’m smiling ’cause I’m compiling a 28-day type of digital product. The thing is…I didn’t want to teach it until I was able to do one version of it myself. Teehee! It’s amazing how much more these tracking systems help me. My hubby makes me a weekly workout schedule and there’s something so gratifying about check marks. I hope there are apps for iPhone that are as gratifying as making check marks on daily items…heehee! 🙂 Thanks for sharing this.

    • Lisa, I’m sure “there’s an app for that!”…it always is 🙂

      Tell the hubby I need him to write out my workout plan too! That’s great that you have his support – awesome (give him a high five for me)!

      • Heehee re: there’s an app for that! teehee!

        Oh, my hubby does this for people on the side…if you ever wanted to talk to him 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • Okay and THEN I’m gonna need to hire him to make me do whatever it is he’s planned for me LOL

  • BigTickles

    Lawd, I am late – hee hee! I need to put that on my tracker. I am ready to join in. I like the idea of a tracker because there are already too many things floating around in my head 😉

    • It’s never too late boo! Today’s the day to get it in! 🙂 The more the merrier (especially to help keep us motivated!)

  • Nikki B.

    So I’m in and I wrote a post about it. I’ve got my own spreadsheet but yours is awesome too. I’ll just incorporate your 30 day challenge into the 90 day challenge I’ve already been given. Thank you for sharing this, encouraging and confirming yet again what God’s been saying to me 🙂

    This blog is great girlie! I’m so proud 🙂

    • Yah! And good idea to incorporate it right into your current challenge…let’s do it big chica! So glad I could be a messenger in your confirmation 😉

      Thanks for the lovely compliment too deary!

      P.S. Let’s not forget to check in with each other during our challenges. After my 30, I’m sure I’ll keep it going 🙂

  • Love this idea Kesha and good luck with the challenge. I’m going to give it a shot but I’m not very good with routine or commitment, but if this gets me to take my vitamins each day I’m in. TFS the excel file.

    • Hey Chris, I understand about not being “routine” but I’m sure there are things you can do periodically or daily to keep you heading in the direction you want to go. Though it may seem like routine, there are just some things that must be done often (in my case to keep me sane!) LOL

      And I’m sure you ARE good with routine and commitment too. For instance, are there things you do personally or professionally on a daily basis that builds you up and keep you going?


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