Making Life Easier with the LG G3

Who else besides me holds their life in their hands everyday in the form of a mobile device, whether it be a tablet or a phone?

*raise those hands up a lil higher; don’t act new* 🙂

I would be lost without my calendar, wouldn’t get anything done without my task list, and certainly wouldn’t be as productive without Evernote, Feedly, Dropbox, and social apps on all my devices. Oh, and I can’t forget my fav games I like to play during breaks – Rise of the Blobs, Jewels Star, and Scramble!

But though there are many options of devices out there (decisions, decisions!) and some leading the way in terms of popularity more than others, we have to get the one that works best for our needs.

Every time I’m in the market for a new phone, I get antsy and anxious knowing it’s a big decision that will last me at least a year (if I don’t want to pay retail for a phone that is).

Earlier this summer, I chose the HTC One Max over the Samsung Galaxy S5 after reading many reviews and from pure aesthetics. One thing I didn’t really think about was to look at LG phones. At the time, the former were the only ones that were high on my list to review.

Recently, I had the opportunity to test out the LG G3 phone for a couple of weeks. Why wasn’t this baby out when I was looking for a phone!?! LOL

Nevertheless, I’m jealous of those who have the option to get a new phone right now. I’m gonna ask that you take a look this baby and compare it to other options on the market right now. Sorry to my iPhone enthusiasts (who are probably out getting the iPhone 6 right now since it just released!), but I’m an Android girl through and through. 🙂

LG G3 – Third Time’s a Charm

Let a friend of mine tell it, the L2 was pretty impressive in its own right. Then, lLess than a year after the G2, LG has introduced the next iteration of its flagship series phone with bigger and better features!

So the LG G3 caught my eye while watching its commercials. It just looks and sounds cool. But until you get your hands on it, you just don’t know if it will be the right phone for you.

So what’s so great about this phone?

Let me first be honest with you…I’m not one of those people who know what every spec means and how it’s better or worse than other phones. I only pay attention to what’s important to me and then look up everything else I wanna know!
But the LG G3 touts the following goodness:

  • 5.5″ quad HD display – four times higher than standard HD.
  • KNOCK Code™  – a secure, simple (and supposedly fun) way to unlock your phone where you tap a 3 to 8 point pattern that you set to wake/unlock the phone. I didn’t care for this feature though. It felt weird “knocking” on the phone. I’ll keep using my regular unlock method, thank you. LOL
  • You can charge wirelessly…’nuff said!
  • Clip tray that allows you to copy up to 20 items to paste later. I can get with this because I do copy and paste a lot on my phone as well.
  • Built in calorie counter and shows you how many steps you take and calories burned. Pretty cool although you may already be using other fitness apps to do this. For those that don’t, it’s simple to use and get started without downloading other apps.
  • Phone and volume buttons on the back…this, I had to get used to. You may or may not like this but if you’re thinking about this phone, go to a store and play around with it first.
  • Lightweight LG skin on top of Android – Samsung was pretty heavy on the skin when I had the S3…
  • Smart Notice – the device learns and adapts to your needs and interests, providing personalized suggestions based on your daily habits. If you use Google Now, it’s similar but even better! See below for examples.
lg_g3_smartnotice_screens by androidcentral
Source: AndroidCentral

Now, here are MY top 3 favorite features and what I care most about…LG G3 Smart Keyboard With Visible Number Pad

  1. Smart Keyboard – For one, numbers are prominent! Love that! I use numbers a lot especially for passwords and having that up top without having to toggle any other key is awesome! Also, you can change the height of the keyboard essentially making letters bigger, handy for those how have larger fingers. I have even tried a lot of different keyboard apps from the Android store but they all have their flaws. Also, it really is pretty smart in that it learns your behavior over time. You don’t even have to finish typing words as you can just swipe up to complete your thought, making typing even faster and corrections simpler to make.
  2. Size and weight – Compared to my current phone, the screen size is smaller (only by 0.4 inches) but it has a higher pixel density (538 ppi). The higher the number, the better the image quality. So images and video on the phone look great! It also feels pretty good in my hands in terms of weight and I can still “one hand” most things. Coming in at 5.28 oz., it’s lighter and even thinner than my HTC One Max.
  3. Camera – Yessss, it’s all about the Megapixels these days on cameras. Those selfies gotta look good right?! This phone has 13 MP on the back and 2.1 MP HD on the front. The best thing is it has Touch Focus, so all you do is point and shoot with no worries about the right focus.

One thing that I wish it did have – and it’s only because the HTC One Max has spoiled me – is better (or more) speakers. I listen to a lot of audio (podcasts and music) and watch a lot of videos on my phone and the HTC has dual front-facing speakers which sound awesome while the LG G3 only has one rear speaker. It’s not bad by any means (it’s pretty good compared to other phones) but like I said, I’d rather have that crisp, clear, BoomSound coming off the top! 🙂

Official Promo Video

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Over to you…

What mobile phone are you rocking right now? If you’re in the market for a new phone, which ones are you reviewing? Chime in!

Disclaimer: I was provided with an AT&T LG G3 device to test for 2 weeks and received no additional compensation for my review. All opinions are my own. But you already know how I roll. 😉


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Making Life Easier With Tech: A Look at the LG G3
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