Well, talk about somebody blushing! This chick right here *pointing at myself* definitely is! I love the love my peeps throw my way. Check it out…

Note: These lovely notes and comments are based on presentations I’ve done, coaching sessions with clients, web design and business services rendered, or life changing articles I’ve written….or even just as a testament to my fabulous and infectious character. 🙂

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“You are so awesome and multi-faceted, but what I especially love about you is your ability to help others SEE their own power and potential and bring their ideas to life.”

Krithika Rangarajan, Writer

“Lakesha is a phenomenal business coach. If I were to describe her coaching style, it would be systematic, well-developed and resourceful. I love her energy and overwhelming support in your goals. She motivates and encourages in an insightful way so that you can take action in your business. But she knows how to redirect you from the missteps she sees coming to move you back on a more successful track. If you have the opportunity to work with this beautiful soul, you should take it. She will up level your business.”

Jaha Knight, Soulphisticated Lady

“Meeting Kesha was a divine connection! I immediately discerned her passion to truly break the barriers helping poeple own their unique awesomesauce and enjoy the extraordinary business and life they desire. A professional business women who gets the job done, but make no mistake…her fun personality, positive energy and wit is infectious which made brainstorming with her a breath of fresh air!”

Tyree Montgomery, Leadership Coach

“What can I say? Just wanted to thank you for sharing your creative genius with me for my new business ventures. You are THE go-to expert for professional web design, branding, marketing, social media, SEO, etc. I’m privileged to know you and keep doing your thing!”

Tamiko C., Creator of Pursue Your Purpose

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