Living with the Samsung Galaxy S6...and why I think it's cool!

Disclaimer: I was sent a device to test out and send back prior to my own purchase of the phone. I was not compensated or paid at all and this is my honest review and opinion of this phone (because that’s how I roll), especially since I still chose to go buy it myself.  Any brands mentioned are simply to share network specific information and they have no affiliation with me or this post.

Since I’m on the Verizon Edge program, I had the opportunity to upgrade after only a year instead of 2 years per the normal contract and with the talk of the newest and hottest phones on the market, I had a decision to make.

Decisions, decisions!

htc one m8The phone I was rocking was the HTC One M8 (chosen over the Samsung Galaxy S5 at the time due to the camera quality and features on the M8). I loved my HTC but surely missed some of the features I had grown to love from Samsung (the phone I had before the M8 was an S4).

So this time around, I was ready to get back into the Samsung Universe. I compared the HTC M9 with the Galaxy S6 and it was not a hard decision at all to go ahead and pick up the S6. I’ve had this phone for about a month now and it’s too cool for school! Here’s why…

Note: I chose not to go with the Edge because it’s features didn’t excite me or compel me to buy it at all. LOL

Lovable Features

  • Call quality and audio is awesome especially with the “Extra Volume” button during calls in case the other side is low for whatever reason.
  • Super fast processor! One of the reasons I didn’t get an S5 was because I didn’t care for TouchWiz, Samsung’s software that sits atop the Android software. It made the phone kind of buggy. However, I can honestly say that I can’t even tell TouchWiz is on the S6 due to its redesigned feel which means the phone doesn’t run slow because of it. The S6 switches between apps (which is what most of us do all the time) is super fast.
  • Multitasking made easy. Y’all know in general, I’m not a fan of multitasking but being able to copy something from one screen and paste into another without switching apps is incredibly smart! I love this feature and it’s one I missed last year when I chose the M8.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Actually not many lights are needed with this 16 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel selfie camera. This phone takes very impressive photos in low light and in general. One of my favorite camera features is that I can quickly get to the camera by double tapping the home key, great for those times when you need to hurry up and take a photo but don’t have time to go through multiple taps to get there!

When I tested photos with the S6 and M9 in the retail store, the S6 produced better exposed and more vivid shots than the M9 (this could be subjective). I apologize I didn’t keep those test photos somewhere. I was just too excited in the store to even think about all of that!

I also can say that all the reviews about the camera on the S6 meeting and/or beating that of the iPhone 6, wellllllll, I’m just gonna say it MAY be true. *wink, wink*

Aside: You can check out my latest Instagram photos as they were taken with my S6 and because I’m not adding a lot of photos here for you to see, check out this Flickr channel that has beautiful shots taken with the S5/S6 Edge!

Design, Display and Weight

Sturdy and stylish in its design (I mean, you can’t go wrong with Gorilla Glass front and back frames!), it surely looks like a premium phone – not like the plastic-ey look of old Galaxies.

The 5.1-inch quad-HD display makes it the sharpest on the market (as also claimed by the respected screen-tech experts, Displaymate, through extensive testing). It’s not too big (like a Note) but not small either. Just right!

In terms of weight, it feels slightly lighter than my old M8 and fits very well in my hand for single-handed action.

Wireless Charging

samsung wireless charging padAt first, I didn’t get why I’d buy a wireless charger when the phone comes with a charger but then I bought a Samsung Wireless Charging Pad after reading reviews. The ease of just sitting the phone on top of the charger and going on about my business is exactly what I want; I just didn’t know it yet! LOL

And it’s cute because it lights up when the phone is charging. A+ for the cute factor! 🙂

Cover Up

Cover for Samsung Galaxy S6Now I don’t know if any phone could survive without a case and with the S6 having glass on the front and back, you might want to protect it from slipping out of your fingers.

I usually get cases for all my devices from either Amazon or Cellular Outfitters (not an affiliate link). Since I waited to get the Gold/Platinum color, I found a Gold case with a little bling to go along with it!

The Not-So-Great

So even though I can claim that the S6 is better than sliced bread, nothing is perfect. What could be better are the following:

  • Battery life – I usually find myself charging up before the end of the day with medium to heavy usage. On the bright side, it charges VERY quickly!
  • Fingerprint sensor to unlock phone  – Cool idea but doesn’t always work even when I “think” I have my thumb in the right place. Fortunately there’s a backup password in case it flakes out all the way on ya!

Over to you…

Samsung has simply made a wonderfully, fantastic phone! Just hop into a retail store and play with it yourself. Now, only if it were waterproof!

What mobile phone are you rocking these days? Would you consider the Samsung Galaxy S6 when you upgrade?


“The Galaxy S6 is Samsung at its best.”

~The Verge

Disclaimer #2: I’m not a “tech reviewer” like Engadget, etc. so I didn’t get into all the specifics and benchmark tests and all that other stuff I don’t understand. Just letting you know how the S6 works for me and why I think it’s cool…until the NEXT big thing of course. 😉

Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives. Let’s rethink, redo, and reinvent YOU so you can live life YOUR way!
Living With the Samsung Galaxy S6 (and why I think it’s cool)
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  • Brenda Lee

    Yeah! I’m so glad to hear you talking about the Galaxy S6 because I’m thinking of getting it when I upgrade. I went from the Samsung Galaxy Note II to a III and have found it’s great, yet too big for me. My hubs has the S5 and really likes it. I think you may have just made up my mind for me. Thanks girly!

    • Awesome! I love it! Let me know when you get it and what you think about it too. 🙂


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