I saw the above image online and it immediately brought me back to the time of my life before the computer and before the Internet. It seems like forever since I got my first computer in 1995 during senior year in high school after receiving a scholarship that allowed me to use the funds to purchase one. It was a Compaq – a huge, monstrous thing too along with a “big back” monitor. I also remember not caring for Compaqs after that! 

Before that, I remember my favorite electric Brother typewriter, which I used for homework assignments and learned to type. The last one I had included a digital screen and I thought I was doing something LOL.

My niece and nephew laugh at me because at 14 and 12, they have no idea what life was like before computers, the Internet, and cell phones. They just don’t know how good they have it nowadays – spoil brats! 🙂

Life Before the Computer or Internet

computer was something on TV in a science fiction show

windows were something you hated to clean

a ram was the cousin of a goat

Meg was the name of your girlfriend

gig was your job that night

a memory was something that you lost with age

an application was for employment

a program was a TV show

a cursor used profanity

a keyboard was a piano

a web was a spider’s home

a virus was the flu

a CD was a bank account

a hard drive was a long trip on the road

a mouse pad was where a mouse lived

a backup happened to your commode

if you unzipped anything in public, you’d be in jail for awhile

if you had a 3½ inch floppy, you just hoped nobody found out!

Over to you…

What was your  life like before the computer and the Internet? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.

What Was Life Like for You Before the Computer or Internet?

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  • WOW! Life before the computer and internet! I can’t even remember what I did back in the day. In any case, great article, I think I’ll tweet it.

    • LOL, the Internet/computer must be real good to ya that you can’t remember! It’s potent isn’t it! 🙂

      Thanks so much for sharing on Twitter chica!

  • Here’s a funny story for you. Years ago, I was in an antique store with my son and he kept playing with every rotary dial phone we happened upon. Finally, I said, “PLEASE stop playing with all the phones.” He looked up at me so innocently and saic, “I can’t figure out how to work them.” LOL He had never seen a rotary dial!! Gotta love it!

    • I LOVE this story, Martha!! 🙂

      • Yes Mel, Martha shares a great and funny example of the how things have changed so much LOL

        I will tell you both that I remember the rotary phone but didn’t really use it. I just asked my mom did we ever have one since I was born and she said no but she went into complete “memory lane” mode talking about “bridge” and “upton” and other terms I’ve never heard of. Apparently they were terms used in place of the first 3 digits of phone numbers, in IL at least.

        Funny conversation! 🙂

  • Aloha Kesha, I luv this post and you definitely got it down with creative writing. Oh, I have a couple of spoiled loved brats myself and they refuse to comprehend to our past, nor do they want to relate to it. Oh my! I think we emphasized a lot about it and will continue to.. Lol Glad I came by and thanks for sharing! Mahalo, Lani 🙂

    • Heeeeeyyyy Lani, thanks for dropping through chica! I think it’s good for the younguns to know about how far we’ve come in just a few short years, even though they may stare at us blankly 🙂

      P.S. Thanks so much for the lovely compliment too *hugs* 😉

  • I remember typing papers in college on a portable typewriter–knowing I made a mistake I had to start over–because professors would not accept corrections, not even with the white out tape. ARGH!
    I LOVE WORD Processors. I also used to write my books by hand—pencil and very many papers.

    • Wow, you wrote books by hand?? You were a trooper! I’ve heard a lot of people say that about professors which doesn’t make sense to me. That’s crazy to make people start over! Kind of glad I missed that era 😉

      By the way, saw on your blog that you use Cinch. I signed up for it awhile back but surely not using it to its greatest potential. How do you use it? Do you recycle all of your posts into audio with it? Do you have any tips?

      Thanks so much for your feedback!

  • I love that list–I’m going to have to show it to my kids–they’ll love it!!

    Life before the computers and internet….well, I can look at that from so many different angles. On one side, things (and people) were not as “easy to access” for me as they are now, so that part was unfortunate. On the other side though, I spent more time with my extended family face-to-face whereas now it’s only “saying hello” on their Facebook wall or by email or text. I looked forward to the daily paper’s headlines and articles each morning, but now i read everything on my phone. So those parts I actually do miss. Prior to the web, there was no ‘urgency’ that made you feel like you were missing something or ‘left out’ if you weren’t connected–now there is. I kinda miss that part, too.

    • Yes, girl, there are multiple ways to look at this. I’m with you that sometimes I miss the person to person access we had back in the day. Now, though technology helps us to connect with people all over the world easier and faster, we really don’t connect with people physically anymore, even when local!

      This is one of the reasons I have challenged myself to send and create more handwritten letters and cards, call people more often, and meet with people as I can.

      I’m sure your kids will get a laugh from this one!

  • Gary

    Life before computers. I can’t remember that far back. I have spend most of my life in the computer industry. I do know that I hated the typewriter and loved the first wordprocessing application I had. Never did write many letters, and never really used email as a social tool. I guess I’m just a little different than most others.

    • That’s okay Gary, being in the industry it would be hard to remember! I would have liked to see you when you first got a word processing application. I bet your facial expression was priceless 😉

      Thanks so much for leaving your feedback!!

  • We were watching a 1968 episode of Columbo on Netflix. A detective agency was proudly showing Columbo their state-of-the-art computer center. A whole room of giant reels of data. Probably less data than you now put on a thumb drive. What a hoot.

    • LOL It is especially funny when watching old movies and they are using old technology or highlighting the “new hotness” which is now ancient! Funny! Thanks for sharing, Carolina 🙂

  • Life before the Internet was the majority of my life! (I’m in my late 50’s). It was slower paced. You took pleasure in hand-writing letters and then waiting for the postman to come with letters back to you. It could take weeks; imagine that! You didn’t feel pressure to be in 24/7 contact with everyone – but you didn’t have a 24 hour a day library at your fingertips, either. And copy/cut and paste, for a typist, is the best invention ever!

    • My sentiments exactly, Alana! (I’m in my late 50’s, too) 🙂

      • Really Mel? You don’t look a day over 37 😉

        • I love that little “wink”, Kesha.

          You don’t think I look a day over 37??

          Listen, one of my part time jobs is working for an ophthalmologist. As soon as you land in So Cal, immediately head over to the vision center and I’ll have him do something right away to correct your poor eyesight. LOL 🙂

    • Yes, Alana, I wish I could give a big hug to the person who invented copy and paste!! You know, sometimes I think a slower paced life would be better for a lot of us as we may have less stress and less diseases caused by stress (not to say there wasn’t stress then; just a different type of stress!). I see people literally pull their hair when something isn’t done “fast enough” using a computer…SMH

      I plan on taking a day of rest without a computer which includes my tablet, laptop, and the Internet on my phone and live like it was the old days 🙂 *blog post coming soon!* 😉

      Thanks for sharing deary!


  • I love a trip down “memory lane”, Kesha!

    You’ve reminded of me of a time I really cherished — a quieter, gentler era when nothing was “e”-based.

    Don’t get me wrong — I’m all for making progress, streamlining, innovating, and having all the conveniences in life. Who doesn’t love instantaneous gratification, right?

    However, I must say today’s world of technology and the age of electronics is a tradeoff. We’ve definitely given up something wonderful for the opportunity to become a global society.

    I wish I still had my old Remington typewriter I used in high school. It’s probably sitting in some museum somewhere. I miss the clickity-clack of the keys and the sound of the bell when I hit the carriage return.

    Aah …
    Those were the days. 🙂

    • You make me laugh LOL I’m gonna visit that museum with your old typewriter and take a photo next to it!

      I’m with ya though. Yes, we have definitely given up something (valuable) in the trade. I can tell you there have been times I’m working from home for a full week and don’t see a soul in person – unless it’s the takeout or the UPS guy/gal 😉 ….*sad!* These days, I do make an effort to meet with folks, especially if they are local, for drinks/lunch/dinner. This is another reason why I like to travel and just go out and do things because of the connections I make.

      So grateful for your feedback as always darling!

      • Melanie Kissell

        ” … I do make an effort to meet with folks, especially if they are local, for drinks/lunch/dinner.”


        I’m proud to know someone who actually gets out from in front of the doggone computer screen and HAS A LIFE.

        There’s a beautiful world out there and too many of us aren’t enjoying the scenery, experiencing a healthy change of pace, and honing our (face-to-face) interpersonal skills.

        And please send me a copy of the photo you take with my typewriter at the museum! 😉

  • love it
    and yeah there was a life in ancient times
    my son doesn.t believe it too
    he is 14 now

    but i love the online life
    makes me feel less lonely.

    my first essay in college was written on an electrics brother typewriter and everytime i made a mistake i had to type the entire page again!

    what a relief in 1987 – first computer, dos based, 2 floppy disks and word 2.0 – no more retyping ;D

    • Word 2.0? LOL

      I bet your accuracy got better real quick with all the retyping eh? 🙂

      Thanks so much, Helen, for your feedback!


  • Suerae Stein

    Hahaha! Kesha, I laughed out loud at this – so funny, especially the hard drive and the floppy! Thanks for the chuckle. I remember taking typing class in high school on a typewriter, and some programming class in college that I hated and didn’t do too well. My, things have changed! Thanks for the chuckle! 🙂

    • No prob Suerae, I aim to please 😉

      Glad to give you a laugh today!

  • Jamie Saloff

    I learned to type on a manual typewriter (no plug required!). My little hands could barely reach the keys and they would throb after typing class. Later I bought an electric Smith Corona and named it Clairabell. I thought it was cool because I bought special keys that had a smiley face and a few others. My first computer was a suitcase Commodore 64. The screen was about 5″. We did like that and took it back for the regular model. I got my first Mac in 1994. I’ve been a Mac-head ever since.

    • What a trip down memory lane you just gave me Jamie (vicariously) 🙂

      I still don’t have a Mac and have been wanting one for a long while now. I just put it out to the Universe that I want one seriously and surely will have it soon 🙂

      btw: I used to name my objects as well LOL

  • Well I remember, looking for friends to call so we could talk the night away, watched blockbuster movies on VHS, Nintendo….now i’m a slave to the laptop! Thanks for this, great post.

    • Oh, Nellie, you just took me back with Nintendo!! I remember we had Atari, Caleco Vision, Nintendo, Sega, then Super Nintendo and I would play before school (got up early just to do so). Now I can’t get up early to save my life and I’m on the computer or Internet before work – yes, we’re slaves LOL

      FYI – Just checked out your blog and heading back over to read more as I need your motivation and energy to be a fitness junkie too 😉

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Jamie

    Kesha, that’s how I got my first Mac! Go for it! I’m dreaming of little air book next!

  • This is such a cool post. My life before the internet? Wow… I read a lot. A LOT. And I wrote a ton of short stories. And played a lot of video games. I got into the internet in middle school and while I still write and read, I don’t do it as nearly as much as I did pre-nets.

    • Me either girl. I keep telling myself I’m gonna make time to read more which I love to do too. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Life before the internet huh? Uh … well … uh … I’ve always been drawn to computers so I guess I’d say:
    1. I journaled more (pen an paper, not online like now)
    2. I watched more television

    ??? Uh … I’m drawing a blank #darnShame

  • I have a LAN at home in which there are 7 computers connected via a router. All the computers in the LAN access to the internet through the router. How can I connect to my own computer from my office? My office also has a LAN and all computers access internet through a router. I want to connect to my own computer as a remote desktop connection.

  • I can remember that essasys for school were a nightmare to do – we had to go to the library to research things! Now people just use google.
    I look back now and wonder how people managed without mobile phones too, especially smartphones. I had to use my old ‘brick’ a while ago and all it could do it make/receive calls and text. I was lost without access to the internet…

    • Yes, I too remember using the library heavily. Now, I haven’t seen a library in years. LOL

      Thanks so much for your feedback and hope to see you back here soon!


  • I wasn’t thinking about computers that’s for sure. I was working as a dispatcher and the computer we had was bulky and junky. When I left that company life took on a whole new view doing a stint at Yahoo and Google. It was never the same after that, but I wish I had invested in Apple in 2001 when their stock was at $25 a share. Still kicking myself for not buying it.

    • Girl, me and you both would be rolling in the dough if we both invested in Apple back then…#shouldawouldacoulda 🙂

  • This post was hilarious!! Also thanks for the trip down memory lane. I remember having to do school reports on a type writer. Thank Goddess I did not have any teachers who didn’t accept papers that had the White-Out liquid or the correction tape used on them. White-Out was like liquid gold! Do they even still make that stuff? Man, I would have been in deep kimshi’cuz I didn’t and still don’t know how to type. I now hunt and peck at a turtle that’s had a bit to much coffee speed whereas before paint dried and cured waaay faster than I could hunt & peck out two short words like the & and. 🙂

    I must admit I do miss some of the slow pace of life back in the day. The library was my favorite hangout as I love to read. On the other hand, the internet has opened up the world in such an expansive life changing way for me. It’s been instrumental in many of the steps I have taken to improve my life and it’s one ginormous library that’s fed my addiction for knowledge. 😉

    • Glad you had a nice time down memory lane too dear!

      I did see white out at the store so yes they still make it but probably very few bottles make the shelves these days!

      LOL at your pecking fingers description…too funmy!

      By the way, guess I just learned a new word – kimshi’ LOL

      Here’s a question for ya – I, like you, like to read as well. Nowadays do you prefer to read a physical book or read electronically like via a Kindle or tablet?


      • LOL! Glad to be the one to introduce you to kimshi! 😉

        I just got a Kindle a few months ago and I absolutely love it! Since most of the books I have on mine are on Astrology, I can search from one book to another easily because I’ve got them right there. Also since I live in a small house, it’s hard to have a in home library. But with an e-reader type device, I can have that personal “library” with me whenever I want. 🙂

  • This brought a smile to my face Kesha…god I remember the days of no computers.

    Life has changed so rapidly from a tech standpoint in the last 20 years. I got my first one back in 92, mine was a compaq too with the classic dulcet tones of the twang, twang dial up. What a clunker by todays standards.

    Memories…thanks for bringing them back 🙂

    • Glad we could walk down memory lane together Jackie!

      It’s scary yet exciting to see where we’ll be in yet another 20 years right?! Can you imagine? 🙂


  • This was really cute!!! When I read the title, I immediately thought about the fact that I lived on my horse prior to Internet in my life. I honestly was three times more active than I am since the Internet entered my life. Now, there is so much I want to see and do when it comes to the net.

    Plus now I have the luxury of my family literally obtaining their education via the Internet. However, there is draw backs to us all having to be online and spend a lot of time together.

    • You said it Crystal! I, like you, was way more active only just a few years ago. Now there’s so much online taking my time that sometimes I don’t even see the light of day!

      I told myself I was going to get me a hammock and lay out in the yard to be more with nature and read more…fyi: still working on that goal *smile*

      I hope that even with more time spent online, you and your family find time to spend more of it together 🙂



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