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Lately, I’ve found myself pacing more while on phone calls, walking an indirect path to the car or around aisles in the grocery store, and even walking up and down the stairs just because, all to get in some extra steps for the day! I have also challenged myself to get an optimal level of sleep more than I ever have so that I can get a “thumbs up” from my wearable device. 🙂

This all began when I started wearing a Jawbone UP24 wireless activity and sleep tracker. I figured I could play a game with myself and see if I can beat my previous day’s steps. Fun eh? Sometimes it’s the little things that make us do better.

Thanks to AT&T, I got my hands on the Jawbone UP24 just in time for the holidays (since it’s during this time most of us start slacking on our fitness goals!) and even 2 more to give away to lucky members in the Uncommon Crew.

The Good and Not So Good

Because this is my first wearable gadget, I can’t give you a comparison review but can tell you my thoughts on this device from a first time wearer.

The Good

  • Simple, sturdy design
  • Easy to use
  • Beautiful Interface
  • Integration with 3rd party apps like MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness and many, many more! (my favorite is the “Words to Inspire” app)
  • Smart notifications and alarms. It alerts me when I have been idle for an hour, can wake me up at the best time (during light sleep), and much more and it’s all customizable.
  • Automatic sleep tracking, even when I’ve forgotten to tell it I was going to sleep (which I’ve done a few times)!
  • Tracks not just steps but workouts, calories, and food (includes a scanner too). This is not a heart rate monitor although Jawbone released UP3 which does track heart rate.
  • Smart Coach that offers advice based on your daily results. Pretty cool!
  • Comes in different sizes (small, medium, and large) and colors (black, red, lime green, blue, orange, and pink)
  • Compatible with iOS and Android phones
  • Battery life is 7 days which isn’t bad at all. Only takes a few moments to fully charge and only need to do it once a week.
  • Constant reminder to eat, sleep, and move better!

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Jawbone UP24 In Action

The Not So Good

There really isn’t a “not so good” for me. But I will mention somewhat of an annoyance. When I wash my hands or dishes or am typing, I slide it up my arm a little bit to avoid hitting it against my laptop or getting more water on it than necessary (although it is water-resistant, it’s not waterproof. It’s more like splash proof.). But then again I also do my bracelets like this so it’s not a big deal. 🙂

Also, Windows users may find the fact that their phones aren’t compatible (at least not at the time of this article) to be a not so good. But maybe soon!

Lastly, the price tag…coming in at $149.99, some may think it’s a bit expensive in comparison to other trackers. If I weren’t given one, would I still buy it? Knowing what I know now about how it works and how more attentive I’ve been lately, the answer is YES! But then again I like playing with new gadgets. 🙂 As always, just make sure you do your research before buying any of the trackers in the market.

My final thoughts…

I’m all for anything that helps us make our lives better, especially in the area of health and wellness. The Jawbone UP24 is a great tool for those of us who want to take a closer look at how we’re performing on a daily basis. Wearing it everyday surely helps me to be more aware of the activity I am or am not getting! Mashable even highlights how wearable gadgets has great potential for more.

Go ahead and pick up the Jawbone UP24. You can’t go wrong! 🙂

Do you have an activity tracker already? Which one do you have and how do you like it?

P.S. I like Jawbone’s statement, “There’s a better version of you out there. Get up and find it.” #Win 😀

Disclaimer: The Jawbone UP24 units were provided to me by AT&T. However, y’all know how I roll. Any review notes or information I provide are my opinions alone. Boom!


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It’s All In The Wrist! Jawbone UP24 Review

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