couple-in-bed-with-phonesDo you go to bed and wake up with your tech gadgets? Raise your hand…. *I sense a lot of hands going up slowly but surely* LOL

Do you feel anxious if you aren’t near your phone? If you’ve left your phone at home, would you go ALL the way back home to get it because your day would be emotionally and physically ruined otherwise? *I sense more hands staying up*

Well, you need to read this!

Previously, in relation to this very topic, we showed via another infographic how some people will give up sex for their cell phone (really??? yes, it’s true…) and then discussed how you can get a better night’s sleep by not having the snooze button as your best friend. 

Now, we have another good one – this time about how sleeping with your technology gadgets can be keeping you from getting a good night’s rest! That’s right folks, “New studies show that not only are most people sleeping with their smartphones in the bed with them, they’re also struggling to sleep well, even if they don’t realize it,” via The site also cites that, “Light from your gadgets suppress sleep-inducing melatonin.”

Yep, some of you need to say NO to the gadget in the bed. I know it’s hard but maybe you can talk to it a little bit until you’ve weaned yourself from its presence so that you can do your body some good. 🙂

Maybe the first night, move it a little bit further away from you.

The next night, don’t look at your gadget 30 minutes prior to bed.

And so forth until you’re comfortable without it being in the same room and not feel so anxious.

Ok, let me stop talking and let you learn more from the infographic…enjoy!

technology affects sleep

Infographic courtesy of Big Brand Beds

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Getting in Bed with Technology: Is It Keeping You Awake?

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  • Ah… where to begin… I don’t fall asleep with gadgets in the bed normally, but I do stay up late using them. When I do use the iPad or phone, I put them on the nightstand before lights out. Does the Kindle count in this equation? The light is less bright, so I try to read from it just before falling asleep.

    • Yep, the Kindle counts 😉

      I think it’s another reason I prefer physical books at night time but I do understand how the convenience of tablets and Kindles make it easier for us to store books.

      What are we to do?! 🙂

      • It’s a tough call for us bookaholics!

    • Me too. My room is tech free, but I usually get to bed late because my gadgets. I am not a fan of Ipads or iphones. I don’t have a sophisticated cellphone, but I am addicted to my computers. On the other hand my boy friend I think he replaced me with his kindle and ipad. It is ridiculous because I go to his house to wake him up early, and I find he sleeps with them.

  • Kesha, I am really bad with my phone. I sleep with my phone in the bed. I rarely turn it off.

    I am terrible. When it comes to the computer, I stay up late using it and it is the first thing I look for when I get up.

    • I’m like you and am usually up late too. I try to take a few moments though between closing the laptop and getting into bed by doing some light stretching and/or meditation. Helps to get my body ready for rest. 🙂

  • Awesome infographic — and a great reminder too!!

  • Great information. I need to share it with some teen friends — a lack of sleep can effect learning too. Thanks!

    • Yes our teens can really use this info Melinda! Share on chica!

  • omg that’s dangerous , i have a smart phone and ipod and i take them to bed everyday to check news and play games, gotta stop that!

    • Hey Farouk, just give yourself a few minutes of no technology before going to bed and see if that helps your sleep cycle 🙂

  • What a great infographic! I stopped raising my hand after the first few questions. 🙂 I am guilty of turning around to get my phone if I’ve left it at home. Mostly I’m concerned about my sons being able to reach me, but I also don’t like the idea of others not being able to reach me. Something I’ve stopped doing is looking at my phone at stoplights. I put it in my purse and keep it there until I get to where I’m going. That was a hard habit to stop.

    • LOL, did your arms get tired of having kept your hands up for all of the questions Lisa! 🙂

      Legitimate reason to have your phone is when you have dependents so I completely understand that. Someone like me with no kids – there really couldn’t be anything that important (let my Mom tell it I need to answer her call every time she calls though LOL).

      So one habit down (phone reading at stoplights), one more to go – rest those eyes before bed 😉

  • dadblunders

    The horror of not having my cell phone…just kidding. I remember the time when you could actually go on vacation and not be found easily. I further remember the time when I actually spoke to my friends on a “landline” (I think I am dating myself here).

    Technology is nothing more than a blessing and a curse. We are blessed for all it can do for us but we are cursed from all it can take away from us. I know for myself I am always having to work on my posts and blog later in the evening because of being a stay-at-home dad of a three-year-old. I am hoping that once he starts school I will be able to change some of the times I work on my blog and posts.


    • Ha, if you ask a teen or young person what a land line is, they’ll look at you like you’re crazy!

      I totally agree about tech being a blessing and a curse. I surely give it a silent curse when it doesn’t work when I want it to! LOL

      Oh and I completely understand your schedule and working in the evenings. I’m a night owl and just prefer to work later anyway. Let’s try to give ourselves a bit of down time though before calling it a night to rest our eyes and body (sometimes I do some light stretching and/or meditation before bed too).

  • For me, I think it’s not a problem with having a gadget in bed or when you are sleeping. Actually I can really sleep tightly even with the music on. I think It still depends on the person also. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for commenting and glad to see that you’re not affected by late night/sleeping gadget woes!

  • Emilia

    Even if I have a smart phone, a techie alarm clock, a laptop, and just about anything to aid me for my work, I still ditch technology to throw myself on my bed. When it’s time to rest for the day, I’ll call it a day. I can’t compromise my health just because my gadgets keep me from dozing into dreamland.

  • My gadgets have become so essential that I lug them around everywhere I go. I think it also helps to take a break from them every now and then. Thanks for sharing!

  • Joy

    This is an awesome infograhic and I couldn’t agree with you more, I’m personally hooked on most of the gadgets I have. Thanks for sharing!

  • The light from smart phones and other gadgets just keep me from sleeping. It’s completely annoying!

  • Before, I took my laptop to bed just to finish what I haven’t accomplished for the day. Doing so just gave me insomnia. Thanks for this!

  • Sandra

    I’m actually using my phone to wake me up. It’s getting a bit annoying sometimes but it helps with the time.

  • Just the constant buzzing of your smart phone can ward off your sleep. I think we should never really take our gadgets to bed, unless it’s for medical purposes

  • LaKesha – I think the fact that I’m awake & reading this post at 3:30 am makes your point quite well! But then again, as an Ob/Gyn physician, mom to a 5yo child, and now a blogger for Women’s Health…I’m pretty much accustomed to disrupted sleep 😉

    Ob/Gyn with ‘Simple Answers’ to Everyday Women’s Health Concerns

  • This is not me Kesha and I’m proud to say it. Yep, that’s right…

    I don’t have an iPhone or any other fancy one for that matter. I just bought my first laptop this past summer but I’m still mainly on my desktop. I don’t an an iPad or any other tablet and I sure as heck don’t bring any of that to bed with me.

    It just annoys me to no end when I go shopping and see everyone chatting on their phones. Seriously people! Get a life!


  • This made me laugh Lakesha. I do silence mine before bed, but its close to the bed. If I do awake I always check the time and of course start seeing what notifications are on. Some make me look and then I’m up, that’s it. No going back to sleep. One good thing, I haven’t fallen asleep at work 🙂 Nice info-graph and thanks for sharing it.


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