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Some of you may remember the rant article I posted a while back about my thoughts on the phrase, “If you love me, you would…” But if you don’t, no worries, check out Part 1 here!

Well, recently, I got a good question from a reader who asked the following question:

My girlfriend does this to me a lot and it drives me crazy!! I love her and I would do anything that I felt was right for her! But everytime my conscience is bothered by something she wants me to do, out comes the old, “if you love me” and it makes me feel so sick. For one, she is manipulating me, and for two, when I don’t so something that bugs me it is BECAUSE I love her and want to protect her! So how do I respond properly to this?

So I called up my girl, Shaquan Tabb-Grove – Life Purpose and Relationship Coach, to do a Google Plus Hangout On Air with me to discuss and address Jon’s question. 

Not only did I learn some things from Coach Shaquan but I’m sure you will as well in learning to deal with people who use this phrase to manipulate and control. I even share my experience with someone who played this card with me and some things I’ve done to deal with it. Also, pay special attention to the 5 steps Shaquan proposes to help co-create awesome, positive discussions in relationships!

If You Love Me, You Would…Part 2 With Shaquan Tabb-Grove

Video Link for Email and RSS subscribers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DZHr6rvOKvA

Over to you…

What other advice can you give Jon – or anyone else for that matter dealing with this issue? Chime in!

This is one of the first of many Hangouts on Air (HOAs) to come so if you have a burning question you want me and my talented, smart friends to answer in an upcoming show, let me know and if we don’t know the answer, we’ll get someone else who does. You know how I roll. 😉

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If You Love Me, You Would… Part 2 (Video)
  • Looks like y’all had a great time hanging out :).

    That was great advice for John…for anyone really.

    • Yes, we did Corina! I’m loving hangouts on air now! Soooooo me and you soon? 😉

  • Val

    You guys need to do this more often. Love Love Love this!

    • Thanks boo…I am certainly adding more video to the lineup this year! Let me now if/when you want to make an appearance. 😉


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