A word that sits next to a lot of people’s goals as the due date…Someday

Did you know that Someday never arrives?

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…Sunday…

Where on the calendar is Someday?

Sunday may sound like Someday but it’s not the same thing. Sunday is at least a sure thing. We know exactly when Sunday will arrive and experience it every week.

Someday…well, that’s a different story.

I was reading about a game by Bob Doyle from Boundless Living which stated, “…the object of the game is to notice how many times you think to yourself: Not now.” 


Successful people don’t make excuses, they take action. tweet-this

Living in the Now

It may be very easy to say, “Do what you want to do now.” But we all know that’s not always feasible or practical. I take the principle of living in the now to mean that whatever it is we want, we should feel it, think it, and focus on it NOW.

Given this problem, a good principle I’ve been suggested is to only expect the future to resemble the content of the present. If whatever you feel is important doesn’t exist in some form today, it won’t show up in the future. via Scott Young

Scott is on to something! 

Wanna start a business? Wanna lose some weight? Wanna take a class? Wanna try something new?

If you keep putting it off until Someday, it will never happen. Ask yourself this one question:

What can I do right now that will set me up for achieving my goals tomorrow?

Can you do something new or different or contact someone for help right now to help you start that business?

Can you put down that piece of 3 layer double chocolate cream cake you’re holding in your hand to help you lose weight?

Can you smoke one less cigarette a day on the road to stopping altogether?

I think you get my drift…

If Not Now, Then When? 

We all make excuses from time to time so the next time you find yourself saying, “Not now,” take a moment and ask yourself the question above. Also ask “Why NOT now?” You’ll be surprised at your answers and realize there really isn’t a real answer and maybe it’s just fear rearing its ugly head.

If you can’t do something right now, make it a point to add to your to do list an action item with a reasonable due date to remind you to do something later rather than not at all. That would be your ‘now’ action – getting it recorded.

Think about it. If you keep saying “Not Now” and wait on Someday to come, your goals and dreams will come only on the 32nd day of the month of Never! Good luck with that…………….

Over to you…

What can you do right now to set you up for achieving your goals tomorrow? What tips do you have for others to live in the now more easily?

Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives. Let’s rethink, redo, and reinvent YOU so you can live life YOUR way!
If Not Now, Then When?
  • Excellent post, Lakesha.

    I remember a mentor of mine years ago said, someday is not a day of the week. That really stuck with me.

    To me, when people say, someday is because they don’t really mean to do what they say. Someday is just a lame excuse in my book.

    • Yep Sylviane, a lame excuse indeed. So I practice not using it and making sure if it’s something I really wanna do, I find a way to do it! Here’s to us living it up TODAY instead of someday 🙂

  • Hi Kesha,

    Ah.. that word “someday” does not exist in time. Excuses are always there, but that is one of the worlds I have omitted in my vocabulary and thinking. It kind of goes with should, could have, and words like that. The word “someday” keeps you in a prison with no room to grow.

    When I have to do something, I write it down in my appointment book. This book has 7 days and someday is not on it! So I schedule myself to do that task when I feel like I have the time to do it. Works for me!

    Thanks for making us think!

    • I like that – “someday keeps you in a prison with no room to grow…” (sharing!) 🙂

      Hmmm, where did you get your appointment book because some people do have Someday on theirs LOL

      And thank you for stopping through!

  • Excellent advice Lakesha

    I have recently been going through my list of things I am putting off and either eliminating them or doing them. If feels so good!

    Time does not wait for us.


    • There ya go Sue…eliminate or do…it does feel good! If you find a way to have time wait for us, PLEASE fill me in on the miracle!! 🙂

  • Simmeon

    Morning Lakesha,

    But people say those thing because they have no intention of ever going it. It’s that the case of them wanting to do it in the first place, more of a response to question whereby they feel compelled to say it.

    You fancy going for a drink?

    Them: Yeah “Someday” soon.


    • Simmeon, now that you mention it, it also reminds the responses people give when they no they won’t/aren’t going to be doing something…

      “You going to the party?”

      “I’ll try…” Really?!

      Same thing in my book…How do you “try” to go or do something…Either you do or you don’t…you will or you won’t…I’ve written about this before too of course 🙂

      Thank you for stopping through! Hope to see you back soon!

  • Why not now, indeed! I tend to be a procrastinator, so whenever I catch myself in that “not now” mindset I give myself a mental slap in the head and say Yes Now! I try to do things that I just want to get over with first so I can stop worrying about them. And as for long term goals, I try to have shorter goals in between. Like it’s hard to imagine losing 20 pounds eventually (and that’s a lot of putting the cake down!) but if you break it up and say ok, this week I’m not eating any cake – then you have something more immediate and tangible that will make you feel like you got somewhere. Since I have a long list of things I’m not doing now I guess I should start slapping myself around and get going huh 🙂

    • Hey Carol, if you ever need someone else to give you a slap on the head, just let me know. I’m a good slapper LOL 😉

      Good plan to have longer goals broken out into shorter ones. It helps to keep trekking along to the big goal when you have shorter ones to clear out first. I feel great when I’ve crossed items off my goal list as I know it’s only getting me closer to the big ones!

  • Someday never gets here, does it? It’s the difference in setting concrete goals and wishing for dreams to come true. You actually have to DO something. Funny how so many miss that little fact! LOL

    • Funny indeed Martha along with the HOPE-WISH factor where people will hope and wish their way through life achieving nothing thinking that “someday” their miracle will come (albeit with no action on their part). I wish it were that simple. I’d do nothing all day! LOL

  • I am guilty of using “someday”. Someday puts the said item at a lower priority and in the “when I get to it” category. Sometimes it works for me and other times it does not.

    • Hey Dr. Reginia! I think that what you said at least has it going into a bucket that prioritized versus saying going into never-never land…Someday for most people is like saying, “Well, one of these days [someday], I’ll be rich and have everything I want.” But they don’t have any action items to get them there. It’s like they hope & wish for it to occur miraculously! And as much as I wish that were true, I have to live in a reality where hoping and wishing aren’t exactly a plan. 🙂

      So go ahead and keep putting priorities on your items. It’s like the clean out the garage action item is for me…it’s low priority (until I can’t stand to look at the clutter anymore!). And in that case, “when I get to it” comes a lot sooner because I do not like clutter 😉

  • One of my favorite quotes… I learned the “whole song” when I was a tyke (at best). I’ve made sure my kids know it, too… It puts the whole concept in perspective…

    If I am not for myself, then who will be?
    If I am only for myself, then what am I?
    And, if not now…when?

    • Oooh yes, Roy, you could do a post about the song itself! 🙂

      I love that and thanks for sharing as I hadn’t heard that first part before…

  • I love this message Kesha and just read another post saying almost the exact same thing.

    Some people have good intentions, I get that but that all talk and no action really does get to me. If you want to do something then do it. Stop talking about it because like you said, that someday usually just never comes for people like that.

    I had to really think and I don’t think I have anything on my list of things I still want “to do”. I mean I’m doing everything I’ve always wanted to do right now. Oh sure, life could always be better I guess but right now I’m a pretty darn happy camper. My someday is today.

    Love this Kesha, thanks for sharing this message.


    • It’s so good to hear someone say that – “I’m doing everything I’ve always wanted to do right now” << love it! I wish more people's lives were being lived that way and I am working daily so that I can say that too! 🙂

  • Yes what you’re saying is exactly true. I use this method all the time to avoid unpleasant work and while away my days daydreaming and essentially being shiftless and lazy.

    If I actually used Bob Doyle’s technique, well…I would have a lot of work to do. I would say I try to avoid work at all costs, but doing anything at all costs is actually work, in itself, so it is to be avoided.

    Anyway, you are right of course. This is a good post because I actually feel inspired, so I guess I fell victim to the habits of successful people. I suppose I could try this and see if it sticks. Thanks Kesha!

    • Ahhh, love to hear that you are inspired John! That’s what I aim to do so my job here is done 😉

      Hey, I daydream in “Kesha-land” all the time but that’s not the problem. The problem is the hope/wish factor a lot of people live their lives by. You know what I mean! LOL

      Hopefully this will stick and you’ll be even more closer to whatever goals you’ve set for yourself by not waiting for Someday, which while some people have found it, I still haven’t been able to find that day on my calendar 😉

  • Hello Kesha,

    People make excuses because the work that they are doing is not the work they wish to do, like to do. If we follow our passion, if we do what brings on smile on our face, if we do what never bores us then we’ll never make any excuses, we’ll never say that I’ll do this any other day or someday.

    Our passion, or things that we love to do makes us actionable. We never say, “I’ll do this, I’ll do that.” We start doing it.

    And if we look back to all successful people then we’ll find that they are successful in things that drives them crazy, things that they really wanted to do. So, if in real you wanted to be actionable then follow your passion. 🙂

    BTW, great message. I never push my tasks to next day, I always try to get them done in given frame of time, because I understand the value of time and days. And once people realize how important time is they will become actionable.

    • Ah, good perspective Romy and I agree…you have definitely added valuable feedback to this discussion and I thank you for that. I must tweet a part of your comment out because I must let other people see this!! 🙂

      Thanks so much!!

  • Talk about some words of wisdom girl. Excuses is always the easy way out and we all do some sort “self-talk” like that each and every day, but the quotes you added, really makes you wonder how much of that self-talk is setting you up for failure. I might take action on something things and others I won’t, but this post really gives me a different outlook on how much I need to change that. Thanks girl I needed this today!

    • So glad I was able to help out chica, even though I’m a bit late in responding! 🙂

      Those things you don’t take action on are probably what you don’t want to do anyway. I just mentioned to another commenter that in that case if it’s something that must be done, delegate it…pay someone else to do it if you have to.

      Girl, I hire my niece and nephew to do a lot of stuff sometimes (basic stuff but you get my drift)! I even hired my niece to vet twitter followers before, something I procrastinate doing because I don’t want to do it. I’d rather start and engage in convos. That task kept falling lower and lower on my priority list until one day I said, someone else has to do this for me and voila – found someone I could teach my methods to. LOL

  • Great post, thanks. It’s like when people say “I’ll try”. Don’t just try, just do it!

  • Jon

    Excellent ! To get a solution we must reach a state of Action ,, Many people remain in a marked state of ambivalence to avoid making a decision ! Perhaps by not moving to action we can make excuses or wallow in self pity , Perhaps we contemplate change , however we are not quite ready ! Change is a process with many events .

    • Heeeey Jon! Thanks for stopping in! Yep, it’s all about action. That’s our key word. And even though people may try to avoid making a decision, what they don’t know is that a decision will be made for them regardless (through their lack of action and indecision). I’m sure you run into this in your profession a lot.

      Is there any advice you give to others to motivate people to action during these times?


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