how to tell if you're in a healthy relationship (or not) 

Maybe you’ve been in a relationship for awhile but not sure how healthy it is.

Perhaps, you’re questioning your partner’s behavior or wondering if this is the right relationship for you.

Is this real? Is this right? Is this healthy?

Million dollar questions!

Building a healthy relationship with a partner can be exciting and life-enhancing as the two of you look forward to a happy life together. You might even discuss hopes and dreams for the future. So how do you ensure that you get to keep this wonderful experience you’re building together?

11 Ways To Tell If You’re In a Healthy Relationship (Or Not)

There are many paths to a healthy partner relationship. However, the journey can take work, trust, and lots and lots of communication. But it CAN happen and here’s what it will most likely look like:

1. How often and how well do you guys communicate?

Healthy partners exhibit excellent communication skills. They actively listen to one another. They look at one another during conversations. One talks while the other listens. They take turns talking and listening and ask for feedback – not afraid of constructive criticism.

2. Do you guys enjoy your lives together?

Healthy partners enjoy their lives together. Both partners smile a lot. At the very least, they have looks of contentment toward one another. In essence, they seem happy to be together.

3. Are you comfortable with each other?

They appear quite comfortable with one another. One partner might slip their hand into the other partner’s hand spontaneously. At a party, they might chat with others together and then separately to take part in conversations. Eventually, they’ll gravitate back to one another to see how the other’s doing. They “check in” frequently with each other – not in a possessive way but a “how are you feeling/doing” type of way.

4. How well do you handle disagreements?

Disagreements are handled using moderated voice volume and tone. In a relationship, there’s bound to be an occasional disagreement or misunderstanding. How these are handled makes all the difference. At those times, each partner takes special care to get a hold of their own feelings and seek a resolution to the disagreement.

5. How do you and your partner handle being wrong?

When necessary, one partner admits their error and apologizes to the other. In a close loving relationship, partners are honest with themselves and their partners regarding mistakes they make. Healthy partners understand that admitting when they’re wrong demonstrates that they’re supportive, caring and involved.

6. Do you show respect to and for each other?

Healthy partners show genuine respect for one another. They understand that sharing mutual respect sends impactful ongoing messages to one another of “I cherish you” and “You’re special to me.”

7. Do you trust each other?

Trust is obvious as the relationship grows. Healthy partners have no need to create drama through having suspicions about the other. The ability to trust another person depends on many factors and is quite complicated. People in healthy relationships put forth a lot of effort to figure out this process and, ultimately, earn and give trust.

8. Do you show care and concern for each other?

They each care about how the other feels. If one partner notices a particular look or behavior by the other that is unusual or out of character, they’ll express concern and inquire about it. In essence, a healthy couple becomes consistently in tune with one another over time. In a sense, they monitor each other’s feelings.

9. Do you have healthy social lives?

Healthy partners have a shared social life as well as a social life without their partner. They make plans to have fun and go out as a couple sometimes and other times with friends. Having dates with just each other solidifies the partnership and ensures they stay intimately connected. By the same token, partners in healthy relationships don’t abandon the friends they have outside of the relationship.   

10. How independent and self-aware are each of you?

Healthy partners each have a solid sense of independence and a strong sense of self. Each can stand on his/her own two feet, if they so choose. Even though they have each other, each partner understands he is still an individual and brings something important and interesting to the relationship.

11. How good of a friend are you to each other?

Ultimately, a healthy relationship boils down to a great friendship. They’re interested in one another as individuals and truly strive to share as much quality time cultivating a true, honest friendship as possible.

Over to you…

How did you stack up? Are you in a healthy relationship or naw?

Chime in below! Your feedback can help someone else!


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How To Tell If You’re In a Healthy Relationship (Or Not)

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