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Of the diseases that run rampant in my family (including high blood pressure and diabetes), cancer has hit too close to home more often that I’d like to admit. There were several cases of breast cancer with aunts and cousins, lung cancer, colon cancer, and more. So when I came across this infographic created by the Cancer Research UK, I thought it would be very beneficial not just for me but others as well. So take heed, review some of the linked causes of cancer, and let’s ALL learn how some cancers can be prevented.

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Cancer is one of the most widely feared health issues in the world. Many people know someone who has been affected, be that a friend, work colleague or family member. Research has shown that although you can never rule it out, there are ways in which you can reduce the risk of having various cancers. The infographic below shows the results of recent research into how living a healthy lifestyle can help to prevent various cancers. From advice such as not smoking, avoiding too much alcohol, avoiding sunbeds and more; these are all things you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

The results aim to show common causes for different types of cancer in a bid to help people clearly see the link between different lifestyle choices and cancer. The hope is that by seeing this research, people can see that the choices they make in their daily lives really do have an impact on their health.

how many cancers can be prevented infographic
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This infographic has been produced by Cancer Research UK, a leading charity providing support for cancer sufferers and conducting ground breaking research into new treatments.

Over to you…

What are you doing to help prevent cancer? What other things can people do to help reduce risks of cancer? Please weigh in!

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How Some Cancers Can Be Prevented (Infographic)
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  • I am sure that there are many possibilities and ways to prevent it, but there is never guarantee, I have friends that have never smoked and get lung cancer. Even some have play sports all their lives and keep healthy and regular lifestyle.

    • Right Carl, there isn’t a guarantee of anything but in today’s age/society and how we live now, I’d rather take a chance on doing what MAY help me not end up with any diseases including cancer – as long as I can help it! 🙂

      I don’t want to purposely do something that will increase my chances, you know what I mean?!


  • I heard that there is one way of preventing Cancer. Ways are very expensive but i know that they can remove it right away. I see this on news, In China.


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