At Blogher, one of the many booths in the exhibition hall caught my eye because of the question asked big and bold…

How do you feel about getting old?

You could choose between four answers (optimistic, angry, prepared, uneasy) which were denoted by different color stickies and you could add any commentary you wanted. For me, it only took about 2 seconds to think, process, and answer the question. 

So as I was handed a pen and a blue sticky note so that I could tape my answer on the board among hundreds of others, I simply thought, “I’m sincerely optimistic.”
how do you feel about getting old collage pfizer

I soon learned that the project is called Get Old, a platform developed by Pfizer to encourage and support a dialogue around the notion of getting older and living better. 

Their goal with this initiative is to: 

…inspire and activate people of all ages to reconsider what it means to get old in terms of a better quality of life, adding years to their lives, and confronting the biggest and most important health challenge facing them and society as a whole.

Ultimately, this is what I wrote on my blue sticker denoting optimism (paraphrasing because I don’t remember exactly; see, my memory is failing me. I’m getting old! LOL)

“I am excited about getting older! I know I’ll be more wise and living life doing more of things I want to do!”

My mom always says “Just keep living” anytime we say something about old people. This is true. Keep living and you’ll ultimately experience the same things. 🙂

So How Do You Feel About Getting Old(er)?

Take a look at the infographic below and think about where you fit in with the nation’s averages regarding thoughts of getting older. Some of the stats are pretty interesting. 

Click to view full size image


Here are some other key findings from a survey that was conducted:

Americans’ Age Milestones Through the Years

  • People experience their first kiss at 15 
  • People say that at 22, you should support yourself independently from your parents or guardians 
  • People say they first remind themselves of their parents at 32 
  • The average American first felt their age at 38 
  • People expect to reach age 84

What do you think? Where do fit in with these averages?

For more of these findings, check out the Get Old Gallup & Robinson Research Results Fact Sheet. 

Get Old – Growing Up

I like this simple video by Pfizer about getting old and growing up. Check it out!

“Do more. Share more. Make more wrong turns and experience new places. Celebrate living long and well enough to achieve your dreams”  -Pfizer

Youtube Video link  (<2 minutes)

 Learn more about the Get Old initiative.

Over to you…

How to do you feel about getting old? Are you optimistic, angry, prepared, uneasy, other? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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How Do You Feel About Getting Old(er)?

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  • Loved this post. The older I get, the more at peace with myself I become. Optimistic that the trend will continue. 🙂

    • That’s what’s up Cher Bear! I love to hear that and sure it will continue for you because you have such a great attitude about life in general 🙂

  • Growing older…it’s a luxury. An opportunity to continue growing and learning. What’s not to like about that?! I find that I see more shades of gray, the older I become about many things. On others, I grow more firm and single minded. I look at my face and body and see the signs of time, and the best part of that is that my demeanor projects wisdom. It all sounds very mystical and lighthearted, but the truth is, growing older isn’t for the faint of heart! It requires a strong person who is willing to get up each new day. On the days I drag my feet, I remind myself of my first comment here: growing older…it’s a luxury. So, I embrace it! 🙂

    – Dawn

    • I LOVE your attitude Dawn and hope that by your living in this manner, others will absorb some of your perspective and embrace it as well. Not just embrace it because they have no other choice, but do so with ease, fun, and enthusiasm! 🙂

      Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I don’t mind aging, but I still have the “if I only knew then what I know now conversations in my head.” I always respond “I probably wouldn’t listen to ME either.”


    • You know what Kim, I’ve said the same thing before. If we knew, would we have listened??? Funny!! LOL

  • You know as long as I am healthy and able to do what I like, I’m ok with getting old. I definitely am reinventing myself again at 61, it is life changing. Never want to be satisfied with the way I used to do things. I am always looking for improvement and a new facial cream LOL. As Eckhart Tolle’s father says, “The quality of mirrors are want they used be.”

    • LOL at new facial cream 🙂

      Yes, part of my optimism is that I’m able to maintain good health to enjoy my old age! Otherwise, I wouldn’t want to just “be” here. Quality of life over quantity right?

  • I am so freaked about getting old and people think it is scary because I am 26! I don’t know why, but I feel like my 30s are right here! But yes. more importantly, I wish to healthy as I grow old!

    • 26!? Girl, you have a long way to go and don’t worry about age. Just enjoy life and as long as you are blessed to keep living a healthy, enjoyable life, you won’t be afraid. 🙂


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