Kevin Hart and Verizon - Real or Fake Tree? #ihartholidays

I will be the first to tell you that I don’t decorate for the holidays. It’s just not my thang. I leave that to others and then just go over their house. LOL

But my Mom is and she would decorate on every holiday if you let her.

Growing up, when it came to Christmas, my mom would take out the Christmas tree, lights and decorations we had from the previous year (unless she saw a new one she just HAD to have) and encouraged my brother and I to help.

There really never was any talk about having a real tree, especially since it was so convenient to reuse what we had.

So I asked my Mom which she’d rather have if she could have her way and she responded, “I’d rather have a great smelling REAL tree to put up.

Maybe Santa will help her get her wish this year. 😉 

Find out what kind of tree comedian Kevin Hart has in this Verizon video! 

Kevin Hart Presents….. Should I go real or fake?

Video Link:

Over to you…

Does your family use a real tree or a fake tree? Or if you don’t decorate for the holidays, what have you seen people around you choose for their holiday traditions?

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Holiday Traditions: Real or Fake Tree? #ihartholidays

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  • Roughly 10 years ago, I had my LAST real tree for Christmas. We cut it down ourselves, they processed it, we paid for it, tied it to the roof and took it home. It was set in the corner, decorated, and lit, and on Christmas Eve Day, the spider eggs still, inexplicably, clinging and hiding to the innermost branches hatched.

    Left untended for hours, the room sprouted billowing clouds of spiderwebs in the ceiling corners and on the light fixture. The tree looked covered in snow. Strangely beautiful until, upon closer review, you saw the THOUSANDS of baby spiders. Seriously. Thousands. My skin crawls thinking about it. The expensive & heirloom ornaments were hastily removed and the tree was shoved unceremoniously right out the adjacent window.

    We’ve had a fake tree ever since.

    • OMG! Thousands??! My skin is crawling with yours! 🙂

      I would have stayed somewhere else for awhile til I was sure all those little buggers were gone LOL

      I guess that is one thing you have to be careful about with real trees. However, is there anything people can do to prevent things like this from happening?

      • We called the exterminator- an elderly man who we’d befriended when we bought the house- and he came out on Christmas Eve to spray and ease our minds, lol. Bless him.

        The tree farm did all the usual shaking etc, I think we were simply very unlucky that time. Not sure what else could be done, though I might suggest leaving the tree outside briefly to spray it down after bringing it home? Hindsight and all, lol

  • Growing up, we had a fake tree. I think it was the only tree we ever had growing up. Hubs & I have getting a real tree since we bought our house 4 years ago.

    • Oooh nice, make sure I see pics when it’s all decorated. 🙂

  • Mandi

    We have a fake tree and it’s become a tradition. I remember my parents buying a real tree a few times when I was younger but mostly we’ve had fake. I was about to say I think I prefer a real one but the above poster mentioned spiders and I have changed my mind about that… no way!


    • Hey Mandi! Girl, yep, BlueNoteBacker has us all afraid of real trees now! LOL

  • Go ahead and get Mom a real tree this year — she’ll love it!! 🙂

    • Yes, she would…don’t tempt me! I’m gonna feel her out and see if she really wants one this year or not. She just moved and still getting acclimated to her new spot.

  • Awww, it looks like you’ve already thought of getting your mom one this year. That will be a nice surprise for her! My family, as far as I can remember has always used fake trees :/ The one we used last was ancient and all the lights stopped working. We have had a tree up since :/

    • LOL Sounds like it’s time for a new tree girl! 🙂

      Moms is in a small apartment now so we’ll see how it goes!

  • I’m actually a big fan of the tree that’s not really a tree…like some cool branches, or feathers suspended in some way with decorations hanging off of them. That spider story definitely = no real tree for me EVER!

    • Hey Eyenie, yeah I think @bluenotebacker scared us all with the spider story LOL

  • Kesha, that is one funny dude. We always had a fake tree because we could not afford the real thing every year.

    Trees are expensive and messy. When I got old enough to get my own I hated it.

    Another thing we did was one school let out for the holidays they threw their trees out so me and my brother would pick them up. 🙂 that is one way of beating the recession.

    • Ha! It sure is Michael! Perfect use of recycling right?! 🙂

  • That was a really cute video Kesha.

    You don’t decorate at all girl? Okay, I bought my last “real” tree probably about 10 or so years ago. Yeah, it’s probably been that long. I love the smell but yes, it can be a mess with the needles start to fall off. But I don’t have room to store a fake one. Yep, no extra room here plus they just look fake and that’s no good either.

    I decorate but it’s not much. Everyone that I put out was either given to me or made for me. I’ve never bought any decorations if you can believe that. But it is pretty festive in here even though I’m the only one who ever sees it. That’s okay, it makes me feel good and isn’t that what’s important here!

    Hey, you have a great rest of your week girl and you do what the heck you want.


    • Nope Adrienne, it’s just me and I don’t want to do all the fanfare. 🙂

      That’s what Mom and cousins’ houses are for! LOL

      When my niece and nephew stayed with me one year I did buy a fake tree and we had fun decorating but I think it was because they were younger and all excited about it. My brother called me just today actually and asked if he could have all my old decorations (yep, he knows I’m not gonna use them!). So I’m gonna let him have it all and it will be less items in my basement!

      Many hugs to you and happy holidays my friend!

  • Hey Lakesha,
    What a lovely video!!! I have a Christmas tree at home, the real one, and we decorate it beautifully every year. Decorating the tree with lovely things and trying the best to embody creativity in the tree, make each year’s Christmas quite unique. We have a lot of memories of decorating our tree. Thanks.


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