Today’s post about making health a priority for life and not just a new year’s resolution (and you know how I feel about resolutions!) is courtesy of one of our community members. Enjoy!

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Health Goals Are For Life, Not Just For New Year

Many people will have brought in 2018 full of good intentions and healthy new year’s resolutions  Inevitably, most people will give up on their resolutions by the end of the month. If it’s so difficult to keep a new year’s resolution, why make them in the first place?

Health goals shouldn’t just be something you think about in the new year; it should be a lifelong lifestyle change. Remember, you can embark on a healthy journey at any point in your life and you don’t have to wait until the new year to get started.

Learn more about some permanent lifestyle changes you can make to change your life, starting right now.

Eat healthier, without giving up the foods you love

Everyone can benefit from eating healthier, but that doesn’t mean that you have to completely give up everything you love to eat. If you discipline yourself too much, too quickly – you’re only going to fall off the wagon (can you say DIE-t!). Instead, start introducing healthy eating slowly. You could start with a meat-free day once a week or make a switch to sugar-free drinks and snacks. Treat yourself in moderation – you’ll appreciate treats much more if you knew you’d worked hard to earn them.

Getting fit doesn’t have to mean an extreme training regime

If your goal is to get fitter, you might think you need to start an extreme gym routine to help you get there. Jumping straight into a hardcore fitness routine will be painful and difficult, and you’ll probably give up after a couple of weeks. Why not get fit gradually instead? Many people lose weight through walking, which is something you can start doing more of today. Find some form of exercise you can enjoy a couple of times a week and work on building up your fitness. You’ll find the journey much easier this way, and you’ll be able to develop some great habits that you will keep doing for the rest of your life.

Give up the things that aren’t good for you

Drinking too much and smoking are two of the unhealthiest things you could do to your body. You should aim to reduce your drinking to a much less amount, while smoking is something you should give up altogether. Giving up smoking isn’t easy, and many people are switching to vaping to help them quit in the long run. Take a look at the best vapes pens 2018 to help you select items that will help you quit. Giving up smoking and reducing your drinking will have instant health benefits, and may even help you lose a few pounds too.

They say that if you want to stick to your new year’s resolutions, then you need to phrase it differently. This is good advice and something that you can adopt to help you make a change that isn’t just for the beginning of the year, but for life. Start taking charge of your health today and who knows what difference you’ll see in 3 months, 6 months, or a year?

What lifestyle changes are you making?

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Health Goals Are For Life, Not Just For New Year

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