Hey there future Guest Blogger! From time to time, I feature guest posts from others here on the blog. One can never have too many contributors so if you have an idea for the site, I’d love to consider it!

Note: It’s best to discuss your idea with me first prior to writing the full article. That way, we both can determine the direction of the post and make it an awesome one for Uncommon Chick readers.


General Guest Post Guidelines

The following are some guidelines to consider.

Quality and Original Content

Well, of course, we only want quality, unique articles right! The content must also not be published anywhere else or published elsewhere after approved. Content uniqueness will be checked using Copyscape. Unique quality content is what rules the world 🙂

Preferred Topics

Look around the site and you’ll get a feel for the types of topics we cover – personal excellence and development, how to live life to the fullest with excitement and happiness, fitness, relationships, personal finance, life tools, etc. are all game. If you have an idea for something new, just let me know.

My audience is 80% women, between the ages of 30 and 50, most are married or in a relationship, are ambitious career professionals or entrepreneurs.


Be prepared to go through a round of revisions if necessary. Also, I reserve the right to make minor edits (spelling, grammar, etc.) but I won’t make substantial changes that would be considered a rewrite of any portion of the post.

We Love Imagery

Images are always appreciated. If you use images, please be sure to have permission from the copyright holder to do so, and they must be properly attributed and credited.

Linking to Resources

Feel free to include 1 link within the body of your post (for posts under 500 words) or 2 links (for posts 500 to 1000 words), as long as it’s relevant. Affiliate links are not allowed, since I can’t personally vouch for them. You can also place one link within the Author Bio.

Rep Yourself

An author bio and photo are required. Include a few sentences letting readers know more about you and how to find you online. Your bio will be included at the end of the post.

Stick Around

Be sure that once your post goes live (I’ll let you know when it has been scheduled), you are available in the next day or so to respond to readers’ comments. I encourage interaction on every blog post so chime in.

Spread the Word

The best way to make guest posting work for all parties involved is if people actually read the post. So be prepared to spread the word and share the article once it’s published!

So go ahead and submit your idea and maybe your post will be our next guest post here on the blog!


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