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I recently learned that an old, good friend of mine is fighting to save her mom’s life, who was diagnosed earlier last year with stage IV cancer.

No one wants to hear this type of news…

So to help her mom through this ordeal emotionally and financially, my friend, actress and philanthropist Yakira Chambers, originated the Cure Constance Campaign. Her mom, Ms. Constance (hence the name of the campaign), is one of [I’m sure] many who needs this type of support. 

Because she saw a lack of resources for those affected by late stages of cancer, she knew she had to find a way to help support others, especially financially.

“There are a number of research-based cancer organizations today but there is little to no support in this country for people living with this disease every day. Our mission is simply to offer direct support to those affected by the late stages of cancer. People often lose hope because they feel there is nowhere to turn; we want to help change that and on a national level.” – Yakira Chambers

Her goal is to take the organization national and help increase independence for people while allowing them the right to choose their healthcare protocol. I, for one, applaud Yakira and wish her much success in this endeavor to help all those involved.

The Campaign Receives National Appeal

I was delighted to see my boy (yes, my boy!) Nelsan Ellis – the infamous, hilarious, and fabulous Lafayette on HBO’s “True Blood” (one of my fav shows by the way) – strongly supporting this campaign. Nelsan’s mom passed from cancer in 2011.
“My mother was diagnosed on a Tuesday and she died 7 days. This was like a drive-by shooting.” – Nelsan Ellis

How to Help

There’s something all of us can do – show support! How? Good question….keep reading. 🙂

  1. Feeling generous with your funds? You can donate however much you feel by going to www.indiegogo.com/cureconstance. It doesn’t matter how much you give because it’s the intention of the heart that matters most and every dollar counts!
  2. No funds? No worries! You can pass this on to everyone you know so that others can have a choice to make a contribution. Tweet this, Google+ this, Facebook this, Stumble this, Digg this, and whatever other way you can share this online! 
  3. Keep Yakira, her mom Constance, and anyone else you know who are affected by cancer in your thoughts and wish them a quick healing. 

Over to you…

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration my friends! My contribution is in and I wanted to at least help spread the word any way I can. 

For more information on the organization or to donate, please visit: http://www.cureconstancecampaign.org and you can follow the organization online on Twitter and Facebook.

Incidentally, if you’re in the Culver City, CA area, stop by and support in person at the film screening of: Tumor: It’s In The System.

cure constance campaign

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Giving Back – Cure Constance Campaign
  • My Dad passed away from the big C, good luck with this Kesha. Shared.


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