Check out these 6 bridal tips and tricks from one of our community members that are sure to keep you happy and healthy in preparation for your big day! 

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From Health To Happiness (6 Bridal Tips and Tricks)

You have had the perfect picture in your head since you were a little girl. Dozens of beaming smiles focused on you as you saunter down in the aisle in a shimmering and classy dress. You and your ivory satin slippers step tentatively towards the love of your life and you look him in the eye as soon as you reach him. It is the happiest day of your life and you put it all together yourself. It is a day to be proud and hopeful for the future, but at the moment all you can see are lists of things to do piling high in front of you. How do you get it together and be the blushing bride you have always dreamed of? Do not fear, for a helping hand is here to guide you through each momentous step on the journey. Revel in your wedding planning and glow from the inside out.

1. Start Spiritually

Everyone dreams of becoming healthier before their wedding day. When it comes to preparing for your wedding though, try and stay clear of drastic changes to your lifestyle. Huge changes might cause more harm than good when it comes to your health. Instead of running for hours on end and exhausting yourself to mold into your idea of the perfect bride, try and take a more holistic approach.

Start your spiritual journey by practicing yoga each day. Even if it is just for a few moments a day, you will instantly become more mindful and you will feel at peace before you begin tackling the day ahead. Around ten minutes of quiet time and meditation in the morning will set you up for a successful day. Maybe you have an abundance of errands to run before the day ends. But before you start running around to cake tastings and venue viewings, clear your mind and take deep breaths. A positive and happy spirit will make for the most glorious of brides.

2. Nourish and Glow

Now that you have your peace and spirituality in place, it is important to mimic your calm soul with nourishing and healthy foods. Choose foods that are rich in antioxidants like blueberries and lemons. A cup of hot water with a slice of fresh lemon each morning will work miracles for your skin. Lemons can aid to clear out toxins from your body and can give you the fresh glow you have always dreamed of.

Forget the common notion that foods that are rich in fat are bad for your body. You need rich food such as nuts and avocado in your diet to give your skin a plump and dewy luminosity. Choose oily fish containing plenty of Omega 3 to clear up those pesky zits. Begin by looking after your body from the inside and the outside will naturally show the benefits without too much tiring work.

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3. Dazzle With Your Dress

Don’t settle for anything less than fabulous when it comes to your dress. You will hold onto your wedding dress as a keepsake for years to come so make sure it is an item you’re going to love for a long time. Choose styles which flatter your figure and don’t be persuaded into choosing something you’re not comfortable with. Go dress shopping with a couple of people you really trust and make it a fun experience.

Flaunt your best assets and don’t be afraid to be daring. If you have a beautifully sculpted back then opt for a backless dress to accentuate your figure. If you love your shoulders then choose a sleeveless number to show them off. Everybody has a part of their body that they feel confident about, so do your thing and show it off as much as you can!

4. Memories To Last Forever

Capture your special day with the perfect photographs and be sure to hire someone who displays examples of their work online. Take a look at Vittore Buzzi; their photographs look classic and stylish and would serve as a wonderful memory for you and your family. Make sure you communicate your preferences to the photographer, get on the same wavelength and you’ll feel at ease on the day.

5. Relax and Beautify

Getting your hair and makeup squad together is a key part of the wedding preparation. Choose people that you trust and always go for a test makeover well in advance of your wedding date. Choose a hairstyle which complements the dress you have chosen. Show of an elaborate laced back with a smooth and sleek up-do or create a waterfall of curls to bounce upon your shoulders as you take center stage on your special day.

When it comes to makeup, try to enhance your beauty rather than cover it up with heavy concealers and matte powders. Build upon one key feature such as your eyes or lips and make sure you maintain a natural dewy glow. You want it to stay in place for the full day, rather than having a constant touch up so use a loose setting powder once your flawless face is completed.

Before your big day approaches, book a massage to loosen any tension you might’ve built up during the planning process. You could even incorporate a spa day into your weekend away with the girls before the big day. Anything you can do to release any stress will be hugely beneficial.

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6. Honeymoon Happiness

No wedding is complete without the honeymoon of a lifetime to finish it off. Plan the perfect getaway with your partner and escape from the real world for a short while. Whether it’s a thrill-seeking adventure or a week of relaxation on the beach, you will be glad of the break after the wedding day is over.

Your time has come to sparkle and shine, so follow these easy pointers and you will glide gracefully into becoming the beautiful bride you’re destined to be.


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From Health To Happiness (6 Bridal Tips and Tricks)

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