#LoveThyself2015 Photo a day challengeAnnnnnd week 2 is now complete! Check out week 1 if you missed it…

We’ve been having fun so why not join us!

This month, it’s been all about self-love. A lot of times we can show our love for others but don’t take the time to love on ourselves. This photo-a-day challenge helps you focus on you.

Each day allows me to take a few moments and think about myself in varying ways I may not have before.

I’d love to see your self-love photos too!

Here’s my recap from the 8th-14th…and don’t forget to hit me up on Instagram or Facebook so we can connect.

Day 10: Happy… #lovethyself2015 Yep, this pair of socks makes me fabulously happy when I wear them. LOL #iAmAwesome

A photo posted by Kesha Brown (@uncommonchick) on

Day 14: (in the name of) Love…Happy V-day friends! #lovethyself2015

A photo posted by Kesha Brown (@uncommonchick) on

Over to you…

It’s not too late to join in! Just post a photo that reflects your take on the topic of the day and use hashtag #LoveThyself2015 and feel free to tag me as well so I can show my support. Don’t worry if you can’t do it every day, just hop in when you can!

FYI – there may or may not be random gifts given out throughout the challenge. ;-)

See you back next week!

Wassuper, it's yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what's "normal!" I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.
February Photo-a-day Challenge #LoveThyself2015 – Week 2 Recap

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