Declutter: The Secret of a Happy Mind
Control clutter or it will control you!


What do you think about when you hear the word declutter?

Most people think about cleaning out their homes and personal spaces, which is a form of decluttering, yes. 

But what I want to talk MORE about is the process of decluttering to get rid of negative thoughts, emotional baggage, and unnecessary “junk” that can actually poison our minds and prevent us from being our happiest selves. 

Ready for a happier, more positive and productive new you?

Why get rid of clutter in general?

Did you know that cluttered spaces and thoughts affect your productivity and overall enjoyment of life? The general idea of decluttering is to get rid of things, thoughts, and ideas that don’t work for you and don’t contribute positively to your life.

It’s like this – when you get rid of clutter, you free up a much needed space not just physically but also in your head (emotionally). Soon, you’ll realize that you’re not so stressed out, overwhelmed, frustrated, or just feeling yucky.

The art of decluttering…

Let’s start with the physical clutter around you.

Whether it’s at the office, your home or your car (and I hate things left lying around in my car!), clutter not only looks messy, it can actually cause anxiety and stress even though you may not realize it.  When you see “stuff” everywhere, much of it is unnecessary and just things you haven’t had time to put away (or throw away) and it can really work on your nerves –  not good for a happy mind! Besides, I’d hate to laugh at you when I see your home in disarray on the Hoarders show! LOL

Take some time to clean out the old closets, do some heavy duty home cleaning, and remove all of those papers atop your desk so you can see it again. Even throw out all the holey socks and old underwear you’ve been keeping at the bottom of the drawer. That opens up some room for some new ones!

You may even do like me and pay someone to do this for you or barter services if you don’t have the cash!

Trust me, you’ll be amazed how much more free and relaxed you’ll feel, simply by decluttering your space and being more organized.  Be sure to take small steps and don’t try to do everything all at once so you won’t feel overwhelmed, adding more clutter to your mind. 

Now, let’s move on to cleaning out those things that cause negative thoughts and emotional baggage.

Declutter Your Mind: The Secret of a Happy Mind

After cleaning your personal space, you may have a lot more energy and gusto to now take on a bigger challenge.

You can’t be happy when your life includes things that don’t serve you or cause much worry and stress. So here’s what you can do:

  • Relationship isn’t satisfying you anymore? Why are you still in it? You can do bad by your damn self!
  • Hate your job? Spruce up your resume and start looking for other opportunities. Heck, start your own thang. Whatever you do, don’t sit there and complain everyday about how much you hate it. It certainly doesn’t help manifest a new one.
  • Get rid of bad habits you know you need to stop doing. If a “bad habit” is causing more strife on your life, guess what, you gotta do something different and create better habits. Slowly but surely wean yourself away from it and get help if necessary.
  • Let go of those things you have no control over. We can’t control what our children will be when they grow up, health issues of family members, or the choices of others. Why borrow trouble? We spend so much time worrying over things we often have absolutely ZERO control over and it clutters the mind.
  • If you can’t forgive and forget, pick one.” ~Robert Brault. Whichever you do, move on afterwards.
  • Stop overcommitting yourself and learn to say no. I remember a few years ago in an effort to network, connect, and volunteer, I was doing WAY too much. I had joined too many groups and boards and stretched myself thin. I had to gracefully put an end to most of it and I felt a huge weight off my shoulders when I did that. I only kept participating in the few I was most passionate about.

Done? Now, let’s move on to a few more ways to declutter to experience calm, peace, and freedom in your life. 

These may seem more random but definitely helps to create a happier mind. Here we go:

  • Release yourself from activities that waste your time; life is short!
  • Remove yourself from mailing lists you no longer need or read (i.e. email lists, magazine subscriptions, newspapers, etc.).
  • Get rid of old files you no longer need on your hard drive and of course backup regularly. Oh and don’t forget to clean out any old file cabinets!
  • Clean up Facebook and other social networks by deleting and unfollowing people who are negative and cause a lot of drama. You know who they are!
  • Keep your DVR clean. This was huge for me! I had shows being recorded that I wasn’t watching anymore and took up space on my DVR and everytime I saw them I would scroll pass but there was a bit of a, um, stirring in my body when I did that. Though I wasn’t watching them, I didn’t “feel” right seeing them there. So they had to go. If I no longer watched them, there was no need to have the series recorded! It’s the simple things. 🙂
  • Fire clients you no longer want to work with and are a pain in the arse! I’m speaking from experience with this one. Ahhhh, it’s such a huge relief. I vowed to now only work with people who match my energy and are fun to work with!
  • Holding grudges or resentment? You know what you gotta do. Spend some time and release those negative feelings about the situation. It doesn’t serve you at all to hold on to such things. I certainly can speak to this one first hand. I’ve worked on this one for years and can finally say I’m clear and free! I’d surely love to hear you say the same!

So are you up for the Challenge?

Just like a clean, open space that is minimally furnished can make you feel calm and serene, a clear mind that’s free of clutter can give you a peace and happiness you never thought possible. Think of how a cluttered, disorganized house makes you feel – the same can be said for your mind. Clear the clutter, and find the pure happiness you were meant to experience in life.

Oh and you can’t declutter TOO MUCH. There’s no such thing. 

Know this – When you get rid of “stuff” in and around you, you essentially send magical vibes to the Universe to start attracting more of what you DO want. There are many sources you can review that discusses manifestation and Law of Attraction more clearly but just believe me for now.

Don’t wanna take my word for it? Try it for yourself and let me know how things work out for you. 🙂

Wassuper, it's yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what's "normal!" I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.
Declutter: The Secret of a Happy Life and Mind

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  • kesha, you are right on with this article! i have been meaning to declutter oh, for years now and i keep blaming it on my busy lifestyle. we’re all busy and will never not be! you’ve inspired me to commit to cleaning my physical space and wardrobe to get a fresh restart – thank you!

    • So glad I could inspire you Angie! My good deed for the day has now been done. 😉

  • Harry

    Hey Lakesha, your post made me ponder for a while. And I would completely agree decluttering gives me a lot of inner peace. Be it a home cleaning thing, or anthing else it feels really good after everything is said and done. Thanks dor sharing the post with us.

  • I get a chuckle every time I read a post about decluttering your life Kesha.

    As you already know I’m an organizational freak! Okay, maybe freak is a pretty strong word but if you ever visited my house unannounced you’d probably be mad at me. Everything will always have it’s place.

    I guess that’s why my life is kind of like that too. Yep, I’ve ended relationships that drained me of my energy, I don’t keep anything around I don’t really need, I don’t like stuff.

    I clean my blog up periodically as well as my friends on my social accounts as well as subscribers on my list. Yep, if you haven’t opened my email in three month or over you’re gone.

    Now I don’t claim to be perfect and going down your list well heck. I’ve got that all taken care of girl. Yep, get that clutter out of your life because you’ll find things so much better when your home, your desk and your life in general are just clean! 😉


    • I think I may be a bit OCD Adrienne because I don’t like a lot of “stuff” anyway! As a matter of fact, when my niece and nephew leave even something as small as gum wrappers in my car, I feel some kind of way on the inside. LOL

  • Martin

    Amazing Lakesha! You just refreshed me with your inspiring article! I completely agree with you, many of our lives need decluttering. There is so much “stuff” that distracts up from getting on with life and achieving our goals. I haven’t watched TV in over a month now and have got so much more done in my life. It feels great! Thanks for sharing this article. I am sharing with my fellow mates on social networking sites! Cheers! Looking forward for some more of this!

  • Great insights on decluttering your life! The best thing I have achieved from clearing all the mess is – more rest, better relationship with friends and family, easier house management, a great mood to start my day daily, and more time to do things which I actually enjoy. Decluttering is very essential thing which one needs to consider for a better life and improved life. Thanks for the share!

  • De-cluttering your life and your mind is one of the best things you can do for yourself. It will bring more meaning and less stress and you will feel relieved. Thanks for such a motivational article!

    • And thank you Elena for stopping by and sharing your feedback. Hope to see you back soon!

  • Ashwin Kak

    It’s better to clean it up rather than living in a mess.
    Clutter restricts your thoughts. Physical clutter no doubt can make anyone go crazy when searching for something. Also, it’s a sign of untidiness.
    Talking about the clutter up there in your mind, that’s what affects your behavior and actions most with others. It can hamper your present relationships as well as your social status. Yoga is the best medicine for letting go all the mess and garbage in your head. Self-introspection helps in a better view of personality and future acts. Make sure that negativity doesn’t take over your positive thoughts.
    Great article mate.

  • Paul

    Oh how true! When I moved home, one room became a storage/junk room to be sorted later. Well after many false starts and much angst, I finally de-cluttered: donated little worn clothes, tossed stuff I’d hung onto for ages and organized better storage facilities. It looks good now and is functional and greatly satisfying. This has not only de-cluttered my room but also my life.

  • Marlene

    Lakesha, you are right on target! The longer I live, the more strongly I believe that we must divest ourselves of things (and people) that don’t enhance our lives in order to focus our time and energy on those that do.

    Another benefit of decluttering: When I embark on a cleaning frenzy, I often find things I previously misplaced or forgot I had. It’s like Christmas!

    • You are so right Marlene…most of the time, getting rid of people really gets the monkey off our backs and releases a lot of tension and stress. The first trick is the recognize and acknowledge this and the second is to be courageous enough to follow through to getting rid of them.

      Thanks so much for your feedback and glad you stopped through!


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