This post is part of the series of letters to our younger selves, sending them hope, courage, and the love it takes to grow older and wiser. My hope is that this series will encourage others, young and old, to be a better version of themselves starting right now, today!

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This letter is brought to you by LaJuanna Jefferson, creator of The Virtuous Women’s Network

Dear Younger Self: A Time of Great Transition

Dear Juanna Girl (affectionately called by my grandmother),

lajuanna 1987You have already experienced some hard days filled with rejection, disappointments and abuse.  In the midst of this know that you are loved, cherished and called by God to do great things.  You see when your mother hid her pregnancy from “Big Momma” for six months…that was God saving your life from being terminated.  You have a purpose and destiny to fulfill.  You are blessed and though weapons will be formed against you, they will not prosper.  

I know that you are not enjoying the move to Nashville, Tennessee and you want to go back home to Chicago, but awesome experiences and exposure await you here.  You will become well rounded, excel in school (like never before), make great friends and dedicate your life to Christ (this is definitely a game changer).  You will come to love Tennessee and will never want to leave.

Enjoy the days that you have with your family.  Eventually Lil’ Derrick, Everee and Mom will go on to be with the Lord.  Love, kiss and hug them often.  Honor Mom and love Derrick and Everee to life.  God will give you a family of your own to care for and cherish.  You will not be alone.

I want to give you some nuggets that will greatly impact your life.  It’s quite a few, but if you do them your life will be better. 

Here goes: 

  • Save, save, save – do not spend everything you make – no credit cards – pay your bills on time – do not buy what you cannot afford – cash is King – tithe – oh and did I say save, save, save
  • Leave them nappy headed boys alone – stay a Virgin until you are married (it’s a precious gift for Charles)
  • Pray every day – seek God for everything so that His will is fulfilled in your life
  • Do not drop out of college
  • Walk in love
  • Listen more and speak less
  • Forgive easily
  • Look out for others
  • Laugh often
  • Love hard
  • Live life on purpose
  • And finally, call Charles, Jean’s oldest son.  You guys will make a cute couple and do exploits for God’s Kingdom.

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Futuristically Yours,



Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.

Dear Younger Self: A Time of Great Transition
  • Val

    Love. Love. Love this series..

    • Fabulous Val! Sooooo when are you joining us?? 😉

      • Val

        Just give me the details. I’m game!

        • Yaaaah! All you have to do is create a letter to your younger self (at whatever age/time you want – even yesterday!). There’s only one rule: there are NO rules. LOL You can create audio, video, text, combo of all or whatever your heart desires.

          Send over your submission to info @ and I’ll add it to the calendar! Voila 🙂

          Also, be sure to include at least one pic so I can add it as well. Let me know if you have any questions!

          • Val

            Cool!! Got it lady!

  • Allegra Sinclair

    Lakesha, This series is INSANELY FANTASTIC! I love everything about it. Can’t wait for the next letter. I’m putting together the schedule for my podcast right now–simply must have you come talk about your Uncommon Self! OK, I’ll calm down now. Hope you’re planning a POWERFUL week, Allegra

    • Heeeey Allegra! So grateful for your feedback chica. Feel free to be one of our next letters too. 🙂 We all have something from our experiences, lessons learned, and insight that we can share with others and this is just one of those ways to do so.

      And I’d be grateful and honored to join you on one of your podcasts!!! Just let me know when!

      Here’s to a POWERFUL week for you as well!

      • Allegra Sinclair

        I’d be delighted to participate! When would you like my letter? Allegra

        • There’s no deadline…as long as people are graciously submitting their letters, I’m publishing! 🙂

  • I love this. I did a blog post to my 16 year old self some time back, it was to say the least healing.


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