I daydream a lot in Kesha’s Land, a place where everything goes my way. I know you have a place like that too right? Oh come on, I’m sure it’s not just me. LOL

Well, when I came across this idea (thank you Michelle Shaeffer for this fun inspiration!), I thought how cool would it be to imagine myself on the cover of a leading magazine. But what would I be featured for? Probably something crazy!

The other day I was in Barnes and Noble browsing magazines and found a few I’d choose (in no particular order):

  1. O, The Oprah Magazine
  2. Essence
  3. InStyle
  4. Entrepreneur
  5. Black Enterprise
  6. Maxim – when I achieve that bangin’ body, you might find me on March’s Top Hottie issue (since that’s my birthday month) LOL
  7. And of course my very own, Uncommon Living – Top World Changers 😉

Just to play around a lil’ bit, I found this free magazine app online called FakeaZine (not an affiliate link). You just add a photo, choose a magazine and download the image. Pretty cool! Try it out.  🙂

cover story dreams smart magazine lakesha brown

Cover Story Dreams

So I canvassed my Facebook Fan page and personal friends and asked them what magazine cover they would be featured on. Here are some of their awesome responses!

If I could be on any magazine cover, it will be my own. I want to follow in Oprah’s footsteps, while making tracks of my own, and launch Royalti Inc.’s own magazine. Which of course, I will be on the cover *strikes pose* 

Kisha Mitchell

Entrepreneur…and you know why 🙂

Cathie Heath

It would be a new magazine about Fantastic Black Men Making a Difference.

Michael Brundy

Departures…..luxury film experience.

Barbara Snitzer

Standing back to back, cheesing like a kid on Christmas with Oprah on the cover of “O!” 😀 Why? I’m being featured for my new empowering TV show called, “The Release!” Each Thursday at 8pm. It’s to live for!!….:))) Ok, I think I may have taken the exercise a bit far… :-/ 

Deeone Higgs

I would have to go with Fast Company since so many people I admire have been on the cover.

Nick Gilham

I will be on the cover of “For The People” – I will be featured as a Female Business Owner, Life Strategist, Mediator & Volunteer – We assist people who are at crossroads, confused, puzzled, stuck in mud or just lost – we help them put one foot in front of the other and restore the zest and zeal in their lives…Let’s Talk About It!

Brenda Joyce Jackson

Black Enterprise…One of the 100 successful women in business under 40!

Angela Akins-Chinemo

TIME. Acknowledging my Nobel Peace Prize for outstanding accomplishments in awakening the human race to the simple concept of good stewardship towards Mother Earth and each other ♥

Regis Rose Scelza

ESPN Magazine as the man who a) Broke Cal Ripken’s “Iron Man” streak, b) won the French Open (golf and tennis) and c) slept with Gisele Bundchen on top of Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings all in the same year. 

Zach Martin, 3 Yards << That Zach is one hilarious dude! LOL 


Your turn…

Sooo, what’s your magazine of choice? If you were on the cover of a magazine which one would it be and why? Let your imagination run wild!

Wassuper, it's yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what's "normal!" I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.
Cover Story Dreams: Which Magazine Cover Would You Be On?

Must Reads:

  • Nick Gilham

    Thanks for including me. Great idea for a post.

    • And thank YOU for participating Nick!! Can’t wait to see your lovely face on Fast Company! 😉

  • Very cool, Chica!! Thanks for the feature on this fun post! 🙂 Now, if I can only get Oprah to do the same. I’ll be sitting by the phone awaiting that victorious call, for that priceless moment. :)) #DreamHolder 😉

    • Don’t forget about us little people now! 🙂

  • Hmmmmm……that’s a tough one!! I think I would want to be on the cover of Success magazine — That would be pretty cool!

    • Ahhh, how could i forget about Success mag…good one!

  • Tamika D.

    That’s a really hard one. If I had to choose I would go with Essence! Prob because I love them!

    • Yes, I see that for you….Featured in the Beauty and/or Style section too right? 🙂

  • Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhh SNAP.

    You rocked it, Kesha.

    LOVE THIS. So much. :):):) I photoshopped stuff like this a bunch back in the day. Time to hit it again, for me — it’s Forbes + The Rob Report + Time Magazine. Maybe Playboy (no not the centerfold :P)



    • I had to go look up the Robb Report…now I see why you mention that one – Luxury and Style! Yep, I see that for you 😉

  • This reminds me of when my daughter (then 4) arranged to be on the cover of a magazine. She “borrowed” a few of my credit cards, got a little make-up and was photoshopped onto the cover- with the headline: Making it easy- using Daddy’s credit cards. S…… explains how”

    • Ha! Smart girl you got there Roy! She learned to use the principle of O.P.P. (other people’s money) at such a young age! LOL

  • Oh, gosh, this is so fun! I did a fake magazine cover and we all took turns posting ours on an online forum I’m in. Hee! Of course, mine was Rockstar, a fictitious magazine. I don’t think I ever want to be a rockstar, but if I was, I’d be on the cover of Vive Le Rock from the U.K., my favorite magazine. But, it won’t happen. I’m just happy making music in my living room. This was so fun…thank you 🙂

    • Go ‘head Diva Rockstar! I’m sure if you changed your mind on wanting to become a rockstar, it will happen and we’ll see your lovely smiling face on the the cover of Vive Le Rock! 🙂

  • What a fun idea! Hmmm… let me think. Now that you’ve got me daydreaming about being on a magazine cover, my mind’s going wild.

    Some magazines that I read, I really wouldn’t strive to be on even though I love them, such as: Mother Earth News and Science News.

    On the other hand, it would be cool to be on the New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Smithsonian, Wired, and Rolling Stone. Hehe!

    See, now that you’ve got me started, I just can’t stop.


    • It’s good to have daydreaming sessions like these every now and then Tui 🙂 So go ahead dear and continue to have fun!

  • I’m with you on InStyle and Essence, those of two of my magazine mainstays. I’d also love to be on the cover of Interview (they have great photography in that mag) and Lucky.

    I’d like to be on the cover of O, too. But we both know Lady O (Do people still call Oprah that, or is it strictly for Michelle Obama now?) has only let two other people on the cover of her mag in the last 12 years. We’d have to be doing some serious WERK to make that happen!

    • I know right! It’s only Oprah’s face on her cover…but it’s all good. She’s entitled! We’ll have to create our successful magazines and put our own faces on the cover!! 🙂


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