7 common money beliefs that simply aren't true.

Few topics elicit such a wide range of opinions and emotions as MONEY.

It seems that we either pursue getting more with reckless abandon or we downplay the importance of having money altogether.

While money isn’t the only thing that matters in life, there are situations where money surely does help!

What Do You Believe About Money?

What are your current beliefs regarding money and wealth? Do you desire to have great wealth? Do you respect those that have accumulated wealth? Have your beliefs regarding wealth affected your finances?

Here’s a test to see where your emotional limitations (or not) may be around money…

(Fill in the blank)

Having money means ________.

Money is ________.

Were your responses fairly positive or fairly negative? This little exercise alone can reveal some of your limiting beliefs about money.

Either way, sit down and examine the beliefs that might be blocking you from financial success. Then ask yourself:

  • Are these beliefs reasonable?
  • How did I develop these beliefs?
  • Who taught me these things?
  • Can I put my faith in alternatives that are more supportive of my goals?
  • What are the benefits of changing my beliefs?

Enhancing your understanding of money and personal finances is an effective way to get on the path to wealth!

Note: If you already had effective money beliefs, you’d be knocking your financial life out of the park already! 

Common Money Beliefs

Hopefully, your money beliefs are already empowering you to create abundance in your life. But if you think there are still some limiting ones, see if you hold any of these 7 common money beliefs. If so, there’s a little more work to do to boo!

  1. More income equals wealth. People that make more have a tendency to spend more. Lottery winners are notorious for losing everything! Many of the families that earn over $1 million per year manage to outspend their income. You can earn a very high income and still live paycheck to paycheck. Know this…a high income provides opportunity. It doesn’t provide a guarantee.
  2. More money equals more happiness. Studies have consistently shown that more income results in greater levels of happiness to a point. Yeah, you’ll be a bit happier to be earning more money so that you do a few more things but don’t bank on it being the bees knees to happiness. That’s an inside job!
  3. Wills are for rich people. Everyone with children or assets needs a will. Unless you want the courts to decide who will raise your children and receive your assets, you need a will. A simple will is only a few hundred dollars. You might even be able to do it yourself for less. Just set something up so that your stuff doesn’t sit around waiting on the judicial powers that be to disperse your assets to your loved ones when they could be using them for good more quickly.
  4. Mo’ money, mo’ problems. This one’s huge! There have been song lyrics (Notorious B.I.G.’s top hit comes to mind on this one), books, and movies that allude to this belief. Listen up, there are only problems where we create and foster them. Maybe you’re worried about more taxes you’ll owe. Why? You already pay taxes so that’s nothing new. Perhaps you’re worried about how your friends and family will react to you having more than them. Guess what? That’s their problem and one you’d have to learn to manage (by leaving them alone and getting new peeps in your circle and/or showing them how they can acquire more money as well). Ultimately, it’s not the money that’s causing the problem. It’s mismanagement of the money or the bad energy people put around it in general.
  5. Higher price means higher quality. There are many examples of this statement being false. Generic drugs are identical to the brand name version and cost much less. Companies price goods and services in order to maximize profit. That means the perceived value affects pricing, not the actual value. There are many items that are priced to accommodate expensive marketing campaigns. For instance, the Beats headphones so popular with teenagers are considered by experts to be only worth half the common retail price. In this case, you’re not paying extra for higher quality. You’re paying for a name/brand/perceived value. When determining an item’s value, look beyond the price and examine the true value to you. Does that generic brand pain reliever help your aching back? Don’t be so sure that paying extra is really getting you something extra. Spend your money wisely.
  6. I can’t save money when I don’t make enough money. Yep, I hear this one all the time. I get it, you gotta pay bills, put food on the table, and end up with more month than money. Been there, done that! But saving money is more about discipline than the amount you have to save. My high school history teacher told us to start saving just $25 a month when we got our first job so that we could amass a lot of money for retirement by starting EARLY. We laughed (silly high school kids) thinking we had plenty of time. I sho’ wish I had listened to him! The more we wait to save, even if it’s just $5 a month, the more we jeopardize our future self’s wealth.

    If you take just a small amount of time to analyze your spending habits, you may surprise yourself with how much money you can save! You can then invest these savings in a way that will help you see returns year after year.

  7. If I can afford the payment, taking on debt is okay. No boo! Just because you can afford a monthly payment doesn’t mean it makes sense to take on debt. Keep in mind that the goal is to eventually get out of debt, not to keep paying it off into eternity. For example, many people decide what price car to purchase based on their ability to make monthly payments or what to put on credit cards because the minimum monthly payment is only going to be $35. This is a recipe for always having monthly payments!To overcome this belief, make sure the debt is reasonable for your situation. Look at your other financial obligations and future plans and consider what you really need versus what you can supposedly afford. Just because a lender will loan you the money to buy a 6,000-square-foot house, doesn’t mean you need to buy it. If your family could be comfortable in a smaller house, why not save the money?

Affirmations for Financial Success

I want to leave you with one thing that helps me get my financial mind in order – AFFIRMATIONS!

If you find yourself struggling with negative money thoughts that seem to attract more lack and difficulty into your life, then using affirmations can be one simple tool to turn it all around.

A HUGE caveat to this though is the way you word your affirmations will usually determine how effective they are.

So use the below statements as a starting point to create your own using your own language so that your subconscious mind wont resist them. In other words, make them believable. For instance, compare how you feel when you use “I am rich” versus “I am becoming more prosperous every day.” Whichever one is more believable to you now, use it!

I have wealth and abundance. Wealth and abundance are all around me. I can easily see the opportunities in my life that allow for abundance. My inner voice tells me of these opportunities; all I have to do is listen to it.

I give thanks for all that I have. I know that being grateful is the first step to receiving more. The world has endless wealth; there is enough for everyone.

I have sound financial sense. I am blessed with the ability to make sound financial decisions. I define the direction my money takes so I can achieve the best financial results.

I use my thoughts and emotions to attract abundance effortlessly. I am becoming more prosperous and successful every day.

I am talented and resourceful and I know how to create financial freedom one positive money belief at a time.

Over to you…

Did you have any of these common money beliefs before you read this article? Think about all of your money beliefs and question if they might be detrimental to your financial success and wealthy mindset.


Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.

7 Common Money Beliefs That Simply Aren’t True
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