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5 Reasons to Make Chicago the Next Family Vacation Location

If you want to visit a city that delivers such a contrast in the scenery and attractions that it offers, Chicago is a destination that will provide you with plenty of varied family memories.

Here are some good reasons why the windy city should be on your vacation list.

Enjoy this Lincoln Park gem

If you are looking for a family attraction that offers hands-on interactive displays that are educational and fun together with some outstanding natural scenery the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum is well worth visiting.

Head for Lincoln Park and enjoy the chance to learn about Ice-Age mammals, visit an awesome butterfly haven and explore the area around the Peggy Notebaert.

If you are staying somewhere like the Renaissance Chicago North Shore Hotel as a base, you will be able to plan a visit to Lincoln Park with ease as well as many other great attractions nearby.

Towering views will impress the family

Everyone will be excited to climb to the top of one of the tallest buildings in the country and your reward for ascending 1,400 feet to the 103rd floor will be some spectacular aerial views.

The Willis Tower Skydeck allows you to see as much as 50 miles out and there will be some excellent photo opportunities while you are up so high in the sky.

Learn about space exploration

Another excellent family attraction that will provide education and entertainment in equal measure is the Adler Planetarium.

You can take a look through the telescope in the Doane Observatory and there is a permanent exhibition that looks at the history of U.S space exploration which will hold everyone’s attention and provide some great talking points.

Skyscrapers and beaches

One of the reasons why Chicago is such a popular family vacation venue is because you get the best of both worlds and can enjoy a beach holiday as well as a city break.

Oak Street beach is one of Chicago’s most popular spots for soaking up the summer sunshine and this Gold Coast beach offers a stunning contrast with swimming and beach activities to enjoy with skyscrapers as your backdrop.

Nothing boring about this museum

Not all suggestions of a museum visit are met with an enthusiastic response from the kids but you only have to mention the fact that they will encounter a massive T-Rex and they will be sold in visiting Chicago’s Field Museum.

This huge natural history museum has become one of the city’s most beloved institutions and it’s not hard to see why when you see the incredible diversity of the interesting exhibits there.

All the ingredients are there for the kids to enjoy from dinosaurs to Egyptian mummies so you can prepare a trip to the Field Museum with confidence, knowing that the family will have a fun time visiting this Chicago institution.

If you are looking for a family vacation location that offers a bit of everything you might want, Chicago ticks all the boxes.

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5 Reasons to Make Chicago the Next Family Vacation Location

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