boost your productivity by coloring


Adults have been turning to the activity of coloring in droves lately, driven by a need to find stress relief and an outlet for creativity when time is tight. Coloring also offers a surprising added benefit – it can actually help you boost your productivity. Don’t believe me? Keep reading for 3 unusual ways that coloring boosts your productivity!

coloring boosts productivity

1. Coloring has been recommended as a stress reliever for over a hundred years, when famous psychiatrist Carl Jung first recommended it to his patients as a way to relieve stress and anxiety. The calming effect that coloring has on you can be directly parlayed into higher productivity. If you are less stressed, you tend to be more productive and efficient at getting things done.

2. If you’ve ever been unproductive because you couldn’t come up with any good ideas, turn to coloring. The mindless act of putting colors to paper allows you to get creative with the colors that you choose. It also allows you to let your mind relax so that new ideas can form. Coloring allows you to create something without needing to learn a new skill, so anyone can do it. And, you’ll have a beautiful piece of artwork to show for your efforts, plus your creative juices will be flowing, too.

3. Studies have shown that your brain uses colors to sort and retain information, so it makes sense that exposing your brain to color on a regular basis can help with remembering important information. Additionally, adding color to text, charts and graphs can make it easier to read so don’t be afraid to put a little color into your work.

Over to you…

Not coloring yet? What are you waiting for!

If you don’t have a coloring book yet, download this free cute coloring page and get started. Then if you want more, get my Color. Escape. Renew. Adult Coloring book to get your productivity juices flowing.

Put your coloring book to work for you with an activity that’s fun, easy and inexpensive. You’ll find that your productivity soars and so will your life and work!

Color. Escape. Renew. An Adult Coloring Experience for Relaxation

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Boost Your Productivity by Coloring

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