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Body Issues To Be Aware Of When We Age

As we enter a brand new year, naturally, our thoughts turn to the concept of age when we realize:

“I’m one year older! Really?”


And it can be disconcerting for a lot of us because we might be denial about getting older. Unfortunately, as the cliché goes, it’s just one of those things. But the underlying concern with getting older is that we start to decline (in a lot of things!). But this doesn’t need to be the case, so long as you keep your body and your mind in supreme condition. And we can do this by keeping in touch with our body and how we feel. So, here are some things that are worth looking out for.

A Decline In Our Eyesight

For some people, this happens much quicker than others. Some people barely notice it, but gradually, if you use your eyes more for things like television and reading, you need to make sure that your eyes stay in pristine condition so you can continue to enjoy these things. There are optometrists, like EyeWearhaus, that will help you keep your eyesight in pristine condition. But, you can do a few things yourself to make sure that you have healthy ocular cavities. Of course, diet comes into play, such as having enough lutein in your diet, as well as the usual suspects, like vitamin C, zinc, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Our Mobility

It doesn’t need to be when we are really old for mobility issues to set in. In fact, we can offset the decline of our motor skills very early on, and this involves the age-old cure, exercise. Because of our bones weakening as we age, and so, more calcium is taken from our bones, which can then contribute to diseases like osteoporosis, we can use regular exercise to prevent this. The most beneficial exercises with regards to our bone density are things like resistance training and weight training. Lots of people talk about cardio as a beneficial exercise, but when it comes to your bone health, it’s all about the weights!

The Stress On The Body

It’s not just about physical stress on the body, but the stress hormone cortisol will gradually deplete our ability to fend off diseases, leaving our immune system weakened. Checking in with yourself and how you actually feel and how you are handling stressful situations can be a vital tool that everybody can benefit from as they get older. Stress is a big killer, and combined with anxiety and depression, can cause major health problems, mentally and physically. It’s also worth talking with people you care about (especially who are around the same age) to check in with because we tend to feel alone if we are experiencing some form of weakness in our mind or our body.

Over to you

So, make this year the one where are you start to think a little bit more about your body and your mind. Our bodies are built for superhuman feats and can actually withstand a lot, but because of things like the good ol’ western diet (sarcasm anyone? LOL), it can have a detrimental effect on our overall health. So take some time out every day to check in to see how you actually feel and make small, simple changes for a healthy and long-lasting body!


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Body Issues To Be Aware Of When We Age

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