How to become a consistent finisher. Try these tips!

Are you a great starter of things, always have awesome ideas, or a pretty good planner but are a poor finisher? Are you the person who is always excited about starting a new project or coming up with new ideas but often don’t make it to the implementation phase?

*raising my hand*

That’s me! I have no challenge with the brainstorming/ideation phase and I know this but I wasn’t so strong in finishing things. This is also why I team up with people who are implementers. Together, we complement each other so well that we get MORE done together than we do separately. Mastermind anyone?

The notion of not finishing things is a common issue. The beginning of any adventure is full of excitement and enthusiasm, but those feelings often don’t last. However, a HUGE part of being successful is learning how to finish things and to honor your commitment to yourself and others. It’s part strategy and part grit (as my girl Angel Watkins would say)!

Develop the habit of being a finisher

  1. Understand when you’re likely to quit. Look at your past. When are you most likely to throw in the towel? What were your reasons for stopping at the time? Can you think of a strategy for getting through those times? Is there a way to avoid them altogether?
  2. Use your time wisely. Getting caught up in too many projects at once won’t improve your ability to finish things. In fact, it will negatively affect it. Think about it – how can you finish anything when you keep adding things to your list? You only have so much time so you must find a way to prioritize your goals and table others that don’t align with your current reality or goals.
  3. purple teal thermometerTrack your progress. When you can visually see how much progress you’ve made, you’ll feel more motivated to continue. Make a chart, graph, or other visual representation of the work you’ve completed. I often draw up one of those thermometers on a big white sheet of paper that depicts how far I’ve gotten on a particular project or how much money I’m looking to manifest. It visually stimulates your mind to keep going the more you complete!
  4. Have realistic expectations. Be careful to not set unrealistic goals. You’ll always quit if perfection is the only acceptable outcome. Strive for excellence, not perfection!
  5. Be realistic with your timetable. You might be making good progress, but if you believed that you should’ve mastered sometihng by now, you’ll become discouraged. It’s not easy to estimate the amount of time it will take to complete something. Do you have a history of thinking that things will take less time than they actually do? Build a fudge-factor into your estimates. After you’ve made a little progress, revisit your expectations and adjust them accordingly. Just keep going and enjoy the journey!
  6. Get better at finishing the small tasks in your life. How you do anything is how you do everything! You’d be surprised that the way we treat the small things in life is exactly how we treat the big ones. If you’re washing the dishes, avoid leaving the greasy pans until morning. Fold all the clothes rather than leaving some of them for later. Clean the entire room. Pay all of the bills. Run the full 3 miles you planned to run. Finishing is a habit. Get in the habit of finishing all of the tasks in your life, big or small.

Over to you

Using these tips can be an awesome way to learn the art of finishing projects. If there’s one trait you’ll find in high-achievers, it’s the ability to get things done. Half-finished projects are incredibly wasteful. You put in a lot of work and don’t receive the benefit. Once you learn how to finish things – consistently, you’ll realize the positive impact it has on your life!

So which type of person are you? Mostly strategist, mostly implementer or both consistently?

What habits do you need to create to ensure you follow through on your commitment and finish up what you set out to achieve for yourself?


Wassuper, it’s yo girl, Kesha and I believe we should Be the Fruit Loop in a world full of Cheerios because life is more interesting when you dare to be different and challenge what’s “normal!” I am wildly passionate about helping highly driven women pursue fantabulous relationships, juicytastic careers/bizzes, and authentically inspired lives.

How to Become a Consistent Finisher

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  • I’m both….I learned that from working in Corporate America. 🙂 I always keep track of my progress when I’m working on projects. Keeping a realistic timetable is important. You can start to feel overwhelmed as you near a deadline you know you won’t make. 🙂

    Great stuff chica! You know I’m sharing this one. Have a great day and have a happy Thanksgiving!


    • Awesome and Happy Thanksgiving to you too chica!!! *hugs*

  • doreenmcgettigan

    I have definitely been having trouble finishing lately. These are great tips.

    • Heeey Doreen! I’m glad you’ve found these tips helpful. Let’s do this!!


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