9 Ways To Initiate An Attitude Adjustment-A Bas Attitude Remedy

“You may not be able to alter reality, but you can alter your attitude towards it, and this, paradoxically, alters reality. Try it and see.” ~Margaret Atwood

Bad attitude much?

Back in the day, there were (note the word ‘were’) a lot of bad attitude people around me but those relationships didn’t last long because my nature (Ms. Optimistic and Positivity) didn’t mesh very well with theirs. 

Now, I could attribute their bad attitude to a lot of things – home life, environment, their upbringing, the influence of their peers, someone looked at them wrong one day – whatever the excuse, it was unacceptable and intolerable to me.

I wish I could have pointed them to resources that could help but I didn’t know back then. 

So what about you? Do you often have a bad attitude? Do you feel like your life could be happier, better, more positive, and less attitudinal?

Well, keep reading because I want to share with you ways I feel you could start an attitude adjustment. 

9 Ways To Initiate An Attitude Adjustment

A better tomorrow could start with something as simple as your attitude. Our perspectives have a huge effect on our overall level of happiness and, likewise, overall success!

And because you didn’t wake up one day with a bad attitude, it can take a bit of effort to change, but such work is well worth your time!

Use these strategies to build and maintain a more positive attitude:

  1. View life as a game filled with challenges. Your job is to find a way to keep all of your plates spinning while you find a way to solve your unique challenges. It’s a tough game. Enjoy the challenge of trying to solve it.
  2. Spend time with others that have a positive attitude. Your attitude, beliefs, and habits are affected by those you spend time with. If you want a more positive attitude, fill your social circle with those who can uplift you with their positive perspective.
  3. Take care of your business. Life is more stressful when you have things hanging over your head. When you manage your life responsibly, your attitude will become more positive. Procrastination and avoidance negatively affect your attitude.
  4. Keep your mind in the present moment. Thinking about the past and the future can cause regret and worry. Keep your mind right here where you need it.
  5. Practice gratitude. It’s easy to feel down when things aren’t going your way. One way to feel even worse is to focus on your challenges and what is currently lacking in your life. Instead, remind yourself of the things you’re grateful for when your attitude takes a nosedive. You can do this while you’re lying in bed just before you get up, in the shower, or while driving to work. This simple mental exercise will adjust your focus to the good things that you already have.
  6. Keep your self-talk positive. If you’re not on your side, who will be? Say something nice and encouraging to yourself and look yourself in the eyes when doing so via a mirror. It’s much more impactful!
  7. Enhance your environment. Fixing up your environment can boost your attitude. Clean up a little. Paint the walls. Get outside and enjoy a nice day. Plant a tree in the front yard. Hang a few photographs. Control the things you can control, like your environment.
  8. Expect the best. Being optimistic is more enjoyable than being pessimistic. Why not enjoy yourself? Holding negative thoughts will create pessimism in your life. Try to see the positive side of every situation and expect good things to come your way. You’ll be surprised how often you’re right!
  9. Monitor yourself. Notice when your attitude begins to drift. Notice where your thoughts are directed. Are you dealing with the situation at hand, or feeling annoyed that things aren’t the way you’d like them to be? The faster you can notice when your bad attitude arises, the faster you can remedy it. In the end, the more aware of it you are, the more you’ll be able to create a new habit of creating positive attitude vibes.

Over to you

Our beliefs and attitudes cloud our perspective. A clear, open mind is much more likely to view a situation accurately.

Monitor your attitude and be more accepting of what life has to offer. Your resistance does nothing but prolong your misery. Once you’re practicing acceptance, your situation, whatever it is, will be easier to resolve.

Adjusting your attitude, though, and making the changes permanent will take some work, but this effort pays off. 

Look at the attitudes you already hold that may be limiting your life and happiness. What perspectives and beliefs would serve you better?


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Bad Attitude Remedy: 9 Ways To Initiate An Attitude Adjustment

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