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Age-Related Issues That Could Hit You Earlier Than You Think

Memory trouble, chronic pain, wrinkles, grey hair – we often associate issues like this with age. But the truth is they can become a problem a lot earlier than we would like to believe.


Let’s think about wrinkles for a moment. You probably think that your first wrinkle arrives in what, your forties perhaps? But that’s not true at all. According to research, your first wrinkle will appear somewhere in your twenties. How late or how early wrinkles develop will depend on your lifestyle choices and how well you protect your skin.

For instance, you might work to ensure that you stay out of the sun and avoid smoking altogether. If that’s the case, then you should find that wrinkles aren’t such an issue for you that early. Of course, you can boost the odds a little more by using anti-aging cream. But there’s actually limited evidence to suggest that this is an effective way to beat wrinkles. Instead, you should consider simply making sure that there are plenty of foods filled with antioxidants in your diet.

So, that’s just one example. What about some of the other issues that we tend to associate with age?


This is a problem for the elderly…right? Wrong because there is such a thing as early onset dementia. This can start to develop as early as thirty. Now the good news is that early onset dementia seems to be hereditary and so if your parents don’t have it, it’s unlikely that you will develop it. Still, typical dementia can kick in around forty due to Lewy bodies, and that’s probably earlier than you expected. What are Lewy bodies? These are protein deposits that impact the function of the brain. It’s worth pointing out that while it’s true that there’s no cure for this condition it can be treated, and the prognosis is good if it is recognized early enough.

Going Grey

Last but not least, let’s think about going grey. Going grey prematurely is not a new occurrence. Just ask Steve Martin. The man has made a living in part due to his unique appearance. Still, it’s worth thinking about what causes your hair to go grey or white faster than usual? Well, believe it or not, this is all about stress. Stress can have startling effects on your physical appearance and your health as a whole. Yes, it can even change the shade of your hair long before your twilight years.

So, the best way to keep your hair looking young and full of life is to make sure that you are not getting overly worked up about things. Of course, you can always dye it, but interestingly grey hair seems to be in fashion right now so you might just want to rock the look instead.

Are you worried about getting old while you’re still young?


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Age-Related Issues That Could Hit You Earlier Than You Think

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